A question about hosting for forum members.

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I see a label on the Xisto homepage saying "Free Web Hosting Xisto offers Free Web Services to its active Forum Members".

I know I have had conversations about this subject (just informally) on here in the past with a mod and an admin, however, that was a while ago and I don't think (please correct me if I am wrong) any of the free hosting intentions was official yet at that time.

However, I can't seem to (apart from the label on the homepage) any more information about the Free Hosting feature.


You might argue "Check the other topics", I tried, but the dates seem a bit far in the past, and indedd, the information I read there seems a bit outdated (Apologies if I got it wrong).

So, if possible, could someone point me into the right direction or give me some further information about the Free Hosting for Forum Members here?

Thank you in advance.

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