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Best National Park in India 2018 | Tigris Trail

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Jim Corbett National Park: 

Why we adore it: The excellent backwoods of Uttarakhand have shimmering waterways bolstering the sal trees that flourish here, in the midst of the rugged gorges, swampy bogs and high plateaux. This is the place the acclaimed Project Tiger was conceived in the 1970s, and it was additionally the stepping grounds of that incredible seeker turned-moderate Jim Corbett, who led endeavors to transform these terrains into a secured zone for the natural life that proliferates here. 

What's more, there is very much natural life here, extending from warm blooded animals like elephants, a scope of deer, including sambar, the biggest deer in Asia, langurs, and, obviously, tigers, to more than 500 distinct sorts of avifauna, a considerable measure of which utilize this as a laying ground on their transient courses. You could likewise spot swamp crocodiles (muggers) and gharials in case you're fortunate, sunning themselves on the banks of Champion's Pool and High Bank. 

Kaziranga National Park, Assam:

Famous as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kaziranga National Park is the main regular living space of the imperiled One-horned Rhinoceros in India. It is likewise acclaimed as a Tiger Reserve. Aside from One-horned Rhinoceros, it can likewise be commended for water wild oxen, elephants and different creatures. It is additionally an exceedingly gone to stop among the best 10 national stop in India. Make your stay agreeable at these inns close Kaziranga National Park. 


Spotted with a few lakes and waterways, the Ranthambore National Park lies at the intersection of Aravali and Vindhyas in the territory of Rajasthan. The undulating scene significantly changes from delicate to soak inclines. The dry, deciduous backwoods isn't just home to tigers, yet in addition an assortment of winged creatures and creatures like langur (monkey), panther, caracal, hyena, jackal, wilderness feline, swamp crocodiles, wild pig and bears.


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