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The Donald Is A Phenomenon.

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Donald Trump is a phenomenon.

His political success is outstanding.

The way he thrives his campaign is unseen.

Trump ignores all political rules and convictions.

His way of addressing issues and problems differs from the way other people act.



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Anonymous says Trump says all the things the people like to hear.

But in reality Trump is all about greed and power.


If Donald Trump says all the things people like he is like the Willy Wonka of politics.


Cruz looks like Grandfather Munster, according to somebody on the internet.




























































































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The Trump changes the way of holding a campaign.

Candidates usually perform a campaign to try to convince people to vote for them.

An average candidate goes to the voters and sort of begs them for their votes.

In the campaign meetings of The Trump the voters go to The Trump.

His campaing consists of three pilars.

The first pilar are his opinions.

His opinions get a lot of attention in the media.

The second pilar consists of his speeches.

The Trump holds rallies in different cities all over the country.

People attend these meetings in huge numbers.

The third pilar of his campaing consists of his media performance.

Television broadcast companies like to have The Trump in their shows.

The ratings of people who watch the broadcasted shows go up when The Trump visits the shows.


Things The Trump doesn't do in his campaign is visiting a town with a bus and a team.

The Trump doesn't ring at doors.

His campaign team members and volunteers don't ask people personally to vote for The Trump.

His campaign doesn't use any volunteers nor any machines to call random phone numbers to ask people to vote for The Trump.


Another interesting part of his campaign is the lack of a huge number of expensive television advertising clips.

Other campaigns use and used to broadcast television advertisement videos to slander other candidates.


Another different point is the funding of his campaign.


The Trump says he uses his own money for his campaign.

Other candidates collect hundred millions of dollars from individuals, companies and institutions to pay the costs of their campaign.


The Trump gets a lot of free media attention.

So The Trump thinks he doesn't need to spend a lot of money for television advertisment videos.


The Trump addresses in his speeches a lot of issues a lot of people are worried about.

This means that the content of his speeches is different from the content of the speeches of other candidates.


It is possible The Trump won't be the candidate of the Republican Party.

Despite the result of the voting in the Republican Party, The Trump achieved important political results.


In a certain way it can be seen like The Trump changes to way policitics is done.

This is a huge achievement of The Trump.

His approach of politics like business is refreshing and appeals to a lot of people.

The Trump has a practical approach to political issues.

It seems a lot of people admire this practical approach.


From a certain point of view and since The Trump doesn't have any political back ground the success of The Trump can by some people and in a certain way be seen as impressive.




The following pictures of some rallies give an image of the huge amounts of people attending the meetings of The Trump.



























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