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What happened to the forum?


The forum used to be very active.

A group of 25 visitors visited the forum on a regular basis.

And this group posted lots of posts.

Interesting discussions rose.


In 2016 only a small group of people post.

The forum slowed down a bit.


Maybe the main reason for the current state of the forum is a combination of reasons.


It is possible the ban a few people faced caused some trouble.

And one of the reasons for the reduction of posted posts might be the illness of a very active member.

The issue with the MyCents machine caused some problems too.

If posting isn't rewarded by MyCents one of the reasons for posting disappears.

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You're right, probably several reasons came simultaneously.

I think only spammers were banned, no real active members were kicked out.

However we should find a way bringing our active members back again. :(

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In reply to this topic, I would like to ask a few questions:

  • The posts I see here are mostly relatively old, is this forum still fully operational?
  • Is this forum still linked to MyCents and pay for hosting by posting?
  • In case of "yes" to the above, does your MyCents balance automatically appear on your profile after a number of posts?

I have registered with the other part of Xisto (the client bit, where you can order hosting and domains et al), and I used the same email address I used to register on this forum, so I assume that is the way to go if you want to work with the MyCents system.

Is it possible for someone to give me a conclusive reply to my questions, so that I know if I am doing things correctly?

Apart from that, please forgive my ignorance, but it has been a long time since I used the system here, and a) things have probably changed a lot and b) there are probably quite a few things that have slipped my memory in that time.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi, M6NEN,

Concerning the three questions, the first one is "yes, this forum is still fully operationnal".

Unfortunately, the posts are relatively old, we hope that our members will post a lot of new posts as soon as possible!

Currently there are so few new topics that the Mycents system is not active now, we will probably have to work out a kind of "manual" estimation for the quality of the new posts.

However, yes, our goal is still to offer fully professional hosting to our very active members!

Hope this answers your questions?



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Hi Yordan,

Thank you for your reply.

I was only asking because, as my first question implies, I hardly saw any activity on this forum.

But, OK, now that I know everything is still in operation, I will go on and make full use of the place, hoping to get replies in time to come, and maybe spread the word, as I did have some good experiences here in the past.


I am, however, very surprised that a forum which used to be so full of life and which used to do so well has gone down the pan so much.

About the MyCents system: I'll just bide my time and wait until some kind of system is in place and then take it from there.

A shame, though, the automated system is not running at this time.

Anyway, yes, you have answered my questions very nicely, and now that I know what and how i shall carry on here and I shall definitely order some things in the (hopefully) not so distant future.

Thank you for your help.




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We need the activity to come back. Users bring activity. Activity brings users. We don't really know why the activity became low, and hopefully it will raise agani.



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