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What happened to the forum?


The forum used to be very active.

A group of 25 visitors visited the forum on a regular basis.

And this group posted lots of posts.

Interesting discussions rose.


In 2016 only a small group of people post.

The forum slowed down a bit.


Maybe the main reason for the current state of the forum is a combination of reasons.


It is possible the ban a few people faced caused some trouble.

And one of the reasons for the reduction of posted posts might be the illness of a very active member.

The issue with the MyCents machine caused some problems too.

If posting isn't rewarded by MyCents one of the reasons for posting disappears.

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You're right, probably several reasons came simultaneously.

I think only spammers were banned, no real active members were kicked out.

However we should find a way bringing our active members back again. :(

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