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The following case occurs.

A member of the forum has earned enough dollars to pay for a purchase using the amount of money earned in the forum.

The website has been entered.

A new domain name has been chosen and is available.

The new domain name is added to the shopping cart.

The shopping cart leads to the check out and purchase page.

The purchase page delivers three options to pay the item.

The page shows three methods for payment.

These three options are:


PayPal, 2CheckOut and Bank/Wire. 


The page shows something like this:


Payment Method

0 PayPal 0 2CheckOut 0 Bank/Wire 



The question regarding this case and the purchase of an item is:


How can the earned dollars be used to pay an item?


This question occurs because the cart seems to lack an option to use MyCents dollars to pay for the purchase of an item.

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OK, one big questions, two answers.

First of all, have a look at your account in the Xisto client area, and have a look at your current balance. Let's say that you have "myCENTs 5.59". This means that you have almost 6 cents, which means that you currently have $0.06

Let's suppose that, instead,  you currently have "myCENTS 400", which means that you have $4.00

Secondly, this is why it works. If you ordered a plan and you receive an invoice of $3.00, this invoice will be paid by the mycents you have in your account, and your new balance will be $1.00

If your invoice is $6.00, then the $4.00 in your account will be used, and $2.00 will still be due, you will have to pay these $2.00 with your PayPal or your ChekOut or BankWire account.

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The shopping cart offers three options to pay the bill. One of the options is paypal. The shopping cart doesn't offer the option to pay using the forum credits. It seems a bill can be paid with the forum credits by clicking the option 'paypal'.

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