Please Update Your Firefox Browser

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If you are a Linux users, you know what /etc/passwd, .ssh keyfiles or FileZilla site konfiguration files are, and how weird it could be if these files are stolen.

If you are a Windows users, imagine what could happen if your keyword files are stolen.

So, please, update your Firefox browser to Firefox 39.0.3 or to Firefox ESR 38.1.1

A nice exploit has recently been discovered, which makes urgent to update to the current level.

Have a look at the Mozilla blog, right here :



On Windows the exploit looked for subversion, s3browser, and Filezilla configurations files, .purple and Psi+ account information, and site configuration files from eight different popular FTP clients. On Linux the exploit goes after the usual global configuration files like /etc/passwd, and then in all the user directories it can access it looks for .bash_history, .mysql_history, .pgsql_history, .ssh configuration files and keys, configuration files for remina, Filezilla, and Psi+, text files with âpassâ and âaccessâ in the names, and any shell scripts.


The exploit leaves no trace it has been run on the local machine. If you use Firefox on Windows or Linux it would be prudent to change any passwords and keys found in the above-mentioned files if you use the associated programs. People who use ad-blocking software may have been protected from this exploit depending on the software and specific filters being used.

Of course, this exploit has been detected in very particular conditions, there is probably no reason to catch it in your computer. However, updating is such an easy process that there is no reaseon not to perform it right now.



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