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Well, hello my friends of Knowledgesutra here I am with a big problem that I can´t solve. Well let me tell you the story of my last three months.


I finished my mandatory practice to be able to graduate as Medicine Doctor in last June. The practice last a complete year. Everything was fine until I discovered that my girlfriend is pregnant and i will be a father in September. That alterates all my plan to the next year when I planned to exclusively study all the day. Now I can´t because I have to work to sustain to my girlfriend an my future son. I know you maybe are questioning me about how a medicine doctor can make a mistake like these? Well my girlfriend suffer Policystic Ovary Syndrome and the possibility to get pregnant was minimum under the treatment she had.


Since I finished my practice and planned to give me a break at least two weeks. I knew it then this can be a bad idea because I could come to my old bad habits where laziness was my dominant behavior. When I don´t have to work I can spend all my day in front of the computer doing a lot of things, playing games, reading forums, reading Wikipedia or watching Youtube and only stand up to eat or go to the bedroom. When I have this behavior I can be awake all the nigth and sleep in the morning, posponing all the things I have to do for tomorrow.


This problem was destroying myself a years ago where I have troubles to approve an intership, that was essential to go forward in my career.


I have read almost 25 complete books about discipline, coaching and self-help and I understand all the concepts the authors trasmit me but simply I can´t apply them to my life. Maybe I can follow them a few days but after that amount of time I come back to my old lazy behavior.


Rigth now this is my situation: The two weeks break have been converted in two months and counting. I haven´t done any of my paperwork graduation had to do. All my colleagues have finished the thesis with their respective doctors and I haven´t even start to do it. I have only a month to my child´s birth and I have no job or money. I have savings but they are few. All my colleagues will graduate in August 28th and for me is impossible to do all the work have to do in this short period of time. So i will not graduate in August. The next graduation after that is in November.


This is my situation and I feel I am out of control. I don´t know what to do. I know that maybe this forum is not a good place to post my situation but I need some help my friends. I am posting this rigth now with the hope someone of you have suffered a similar situation like mine and could go forward.


I will apreciate any word from you, Even critics.



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OK, first of all remember that you are lucky. You are going to be a father, despite the fact that this possibility was "minimum".

Secondly, you have to quickly go back to the paperwork, two months are lost, you have to speed up.

Third, laziness will soon be no problem any more, when a baby comes to your home, you automatically have to take care of him, all day long, so no time for playing games or watching youtube. So, start speeding up your thesis work.

In my opinion, your problem is not a discipline problem, it's a motivation problem. And as soon as you will start helping your girlfriend with the baby, the motivation will be automatically there. As soon as you see a baby smiling, you feel a happy father. And as soon as a baby starts crying, you automatically need to help with the current needed task, feeding or giving a bath :)

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I almost had no hopes in the answers I could get in this forum. But I have to say THANK YOU. Thank you yordan. Maybe the next words can look exaggerated but they are truth. Your words have been so significant to me at this very moment I have no words to describe the relief I feel.


Your words about the baby have been so powerful for me. I will start the work rigth now. THANK YOU SO MUCH... I have not a way to pay you. I don´t know you in person but wherever you be God Bless you my brother... I will never forget this moment... ever....

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