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This topic delivers the option to ask anything.

You can ask everything.

Everything you always wanted to ask can be asked here.

The topic doesn't have any awkward boundaries.

And the question doesn't need to be related to any topic.

This is within reason a completely free place to post a question.

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Thank you Elina by open this post. I have actually a lot of question to make here in Xisto forum, some of them related to the website and others not. So I will do this.


Related to


1. Is the Post-to-host system still working? MyCents is not updating to me.

2. Why are there only a few active users?

3. Can I obtain a hosting plan by posting?


Not related to


1. Is there a way to stop being a super lazy man?

2. How can I make the transition between be a student and start to work more quickly?

3. I will be a father son. Some advices?


Thank you Elisa, and it doesnt care if anybody read this post. I have no hopes . But you dont know how much write this help me....

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OK, some answers to the Xisto-related questions.

1. The post-to-host system is still working. We are testing some improvements, that's why you don't see MyCents increasing yet.

2. Why so few active users? I don't really know. Let's keep posting, old users should come back and new users will surely arrive!

3. You can obtain a hosting plan by posting. Send me a Private Message with the name you want, and we will activate it.


Not related to Xisto non-answers.

1. How to stop being a super lazy man? I didn't success, so can't tell you. The most important thing is : try doing your daily job every day.

2. The transition? Summer jobs should be a good start-point.

3. Father soon ? get ready, you will start having very few sleeping time !

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