Notice Of Temporary Downtime - Mycent System

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As you all might be aware, the forums were recently upgraded. With each upgrade comes a change in things which means that OpaQue has to make his script work according to the changes.


The recent upgrade has a lot of changes that OpaQue has to tackle which means that running the MyCent system will not be practical, earnings could be inaccurate.


Therefore, before y'all wonder why you aren't earning, I am putting up this notice.


Those who have their due dates coming up soon (within the next 3-4 days) please email help at xisto . com or PM me your domain name / billing email address.


Once the mycent system is back, all your posts since the last run will be calculated and your invoices will be adjusted :)

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I have an invoice overdue. I have opened a support ticket. The xisto staff have always helped me and I hope this time would be no different...

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