Introducing Cloudlinux Based Hosting

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Hello Members,

I m pleased to announce a new type of hosting which has benefits of shared as well as virtual Private Servers - we have named it "Logic Cloud" Plan.. thanks to a Cloudlinux OS. Logic Cloud accounts are setup on a Special Operating System that emulates a Virtual Environment around each account with dedicated Resources and Processor Level Separation like a Virtual Private Server.

Basically - Since more of the Abuse in Shared Hosting happens from users hosted on the System, This new type of shared hosting makes accounts very secure and stable. Just like any other Virtual Servers, Logic Cloud accounts also get dedicated Resources called Units. The following is 1 Unit sufficient for a Mid Size Wordpress Website with sufficient plugins.

15 GB Space
500 GB Bandwidth
512 MB Ram
15% CPU Power
100 concurrent user limit

Up to 3 more units may be Added during Order or at Later Stage to upgrade. We are releasing these Plans for $9.91 per month and Ofcourse, Forum Members can always by it for Free using myCents.

Because this Technology is not entirely a Virtual Server platform, I have put this package under the Shared Hosting Group..or rather We prefer to call it a special type of Shared Hosting.

Order Page: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

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