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Hi Ahsaniqbal111,

Usually the easiest way for installing software in Ubuntu/Mint is to look for the PPA (Personal Package Archives) which is where people package their own software for Ubuntu/Mint but Ubuntu went sour on Oracle Java and removed everyone's PPA who contained Oracle Java, but this may have been due to licensing issues, etc.

flexiondotorg, who was affected by the removal of his PPA, created a script that did similar. The problem was, it needed links updated when changes were made on Oracle's end. So, if those links weren't updated, you would have problems getting the latest and correct files. Your tutorial in a sense, sounds correct however those instructions are over a year old, Ubuntu removing PPAs was around August last year. So the information you have is outdated.

If you had to go through the process again I suggest using this tutorial on installing Oracle (Sun) Java which I also recommend you check out what WebUpd8 PPA's they have available, as they are pretty good for holding what people need.

If you have any other problems with Linux, ask here. You can get most of the updated information if needs be from us, the only problem is, we can't give you the information as fast as you may want it but we can guide you through the process or even view the processes of others and say whether their instructions would work or not.



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that's the nice part of the free Linux apps. It costs nothing, but if you have lots of time you can find lots of friends who will help you.I always used java in it's rpm version, and it was always very straightforward. Seems that things are not so easy with distros where rpm is not used.Of course, each time I see a distro where rpm is not used, I run far away from it :D

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