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As you all noticed, Mycents were recently not being deposited into your accounts. OpaQue was busy updating it and since the MyCent script has to be updated with each IPB update, it really does take time Posted Image


A formal apology on behalf of OpaQue about this lag, it really was not expected but with each update comes the nauseating task of checking & rechecking the code to ensure no member is underpaid OR overpaid his due.


*** Now, this new update does nothing radical BUT OpaQue has changed the way MyCent is calculated PER post. There isn't really concrete information I can give about the new method of calculation BUT it is a fact that it is more quality oriented thereby making it much more difficult for spammers and illegitimate members to earn.


*** Another important update is that if any member has an old post edited by a moderator / admin (Members cannot edit posts older than 15 minutes). That post(s) / Topic(s) WILL BE recalculated as per the new system. So, this is fair warning to all **Edit at your own risk** Posted Image .. It won't do cataclysmic damage but chances are, you would get a small deduction since the new system deemed its quality lesser than expected.


Of course, this thread is open to all members with any questions they might have about the mycent system. The Mycent script will be run regularly as before Posted Image and members are requested to keep their "MYCENT UPDATE" Emails handy at all time.


Those of you who feel that there is something wrong MUST report to Xisto - Support OR in this topic WITH the Mycent earning info (latest email & one before that).

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