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S.t.a.l.k.e.r. Mod: Oblivion Lost Review

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Anyone who has the FPS survival horror game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl might want to dust it off if they haven't played it lately. I found a mod I think you might want to check out if you're up for some survival horror goodness...

I've installed the Oblivion Lost mod

and patch:

I'm really liking it. I had tried Faiakes mod, but I think it changed gameplay too much. I like Oblivion Lost better because of the realism and horror elements implemented in such a way that it breathes new life into the survival horror genre.

One thing that realllly ticked me off with (I believe it was) Faiakes mod was the random GHOSTS that would spawn and slowly drive my character CRAZY.... I was in the bandit's factory trying to save that Duty guy from the jail cell, and these random mutant boars and other ghosts kept spawning infinitely until I left the area...ARGH! That alone made me uninstall the game to go out and play Portal ;)

Basically what Oblivion Lost does for STALKER is make it more like the developers originally intended. Why the developers didn't just make the game they way they wanted to in the first place is beyond me :P It also supposedly enables Freeplay, so you can play the game after beating it, which is something gamers have been demanding since it was released.

I'll list a complete list of features below... In the meantime, here are some of my first impressions.

With Oblivion Lost, it makes guns more powerful, harder to shoot off the hip, and overall more realistic. You really need to use the iron sights and single shots to really be accurate. Enemies will go down if you place your shots right. More powerful guns means you lose health quicker too... Bleeding doesn't really stop until you use bandages. Food doesn't restore health ( a feature I do miss )

Driving cars makes for fast travel, but cars don't seem to brake well for me, I usually run into an anomaly and lose health because I can't turn or stop fast enough. One time, I hit some sort of tornado anomaly and the thing launched me into the air! haha, I didn't know what to think... I'm sitting there in the car, flying upside-down wondering if I should try exiting it, or just see if it doesn't kill me when it lands... Well it landed on the ground, on it's wheels, and I drove off, no problem :-D

Nights are scary. It's pitch black unless the moon is out... And it's really awesome when it's pitch black and random streaks of lightning light up the area, showing you a basically a snapshot of what's around you... You are near invisible in the dark, but it's just as hard because you can't see any enemies unless you use night vision... If you turn on your flashlight, you automatically become a moving target, so the ability to sneak more effectively now is really sweet.

There's some people complaining that mutants don't respawn... They claim it's a glitch... Well I think that the "no mutants are respawning" problem is really more realistic that they don't... I mean, you kill a pack of dogs... they are not going to breed a new pack overnight. You shoot something, it dies. I think it's a nice realistic feature.

Overall, highly recommended if you want a good balanced survival horror game. Hasn't been too hard nor too easy if you are smart about playing it.

Here are a complete list of features and what it is supposed to do for Stalker:

- New level changers (Stancia2 to Control Room, Control Room to Sarcophagus, Sarcophagus to Stancia1, Stancia1 to Pripyat, Cordon to Dark Valley and a new Radar to Bunker)
- Removed the scripted blowout from Stancia1 and the dead zone from Stancia2, so you can explore the whole Power Plant
- The last portal teleports the actor to the court, so the game is open-ended
- Now almost everything can be happened, there's a chance to meet any NPC's on other levels
- Sometimes the army raids, sometimes not, this is totally random, too
- The mutants are making their ways through pass the Zone in big hordes
- The mutants are entering places what they aren't entered before, so there's an increased chance to meet them in human-being places
- All weapons are stronger and well-balanced
- Almost to all weapons be able to attach addons
- Added realistic sounds to the weapons, rounds, ammos, materials, environment
- NPC's are bleeding, if they are hurted then fall down to the ground, and if they don't receive any medkits about a minute, then they die
- Bandages and foods don't heal the actor
- The average bleeding don't stop by itself, only the minor
- Added realistic head-bobbing to the actor when he is heavily wounded
- Well-balanced armor degradation
- The crosshair is reduced to a dot
- Reduced HUD and removed NPC counter
- The NPC's can't notice the actor during night if his flashlight is turned off
- If the actor turns on the flashlight, then his enemies spot him immediately
- Reduced the sound volume of the Knife, now it's a dangerous and invisible weapon during night, presumably the NPC's won't notice the actor if he is smart enough
- There are 24 hours cycle weathers in all levels
- The night is dark and scary
- Restored the Sun and the Moon
- Atmospheric sky textures
- The blowout is totally random, you never know that when it will start
- The blowout spawns mutants and artifacts in random places
- The NPC's are falling down when the blowout starts, and they stunned to the ground when it explodes, also the actor is slowed and has got some minor effectors
- The blowout is dark at night and shiny at daylight
- If the weather is rainy, then the blowout increases the intensity of the rain, the thunders and the wind
- Added all cutout mutants (Dwarf, Chimera, Cat, Zombie, Izlom)
- They have got so many different types of skins
- Added the Psy Dog as a new mutant (with attack effector)
- Two boss enemy characters (Burer and Koshei) - you can kill them with special methods
- Added all drivable vehicles (Niva, Zaz, Kamaz, Tractor, UAZ, BTR, Moskvich)
- The vehicles aren't floating
- Well-balanced driving properties
- Added realistic engine and gear sounds to the UAZ
- This is a method of transforming the artifacts created by an anomaly back to the anomaly they were originally created in
- Each artifacts have got different HUDs
- Replaced main menu music
- Main menu from the 2215 beta
- Added the "Turn on the engine" to the options/controls
- NPC's can buy everything from the actor but in very low prices
- All traders can repair
- New stalker and weapon textures
- More types of skins of stalkers and bandits
- Sleeping bag
- Replaced some dialog sounds to Russian
- Added some songs to the camping stalkers

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OHHH MAN. This ticks me off to no end.Some spoilers involved:I got through the whole game. A lot of radiation was eliminated in parts so the mod made this game a LOT more enjoyable..One Problem.I ran up all the way through to the end, trying to get the "Good" ending by taking the decoder and unlocking the door, and Refusing to enter the C-Consciousness or whatever it's called... OK fair enough. I was placed on the rooftops like I usually am. And everything is going well. I'm hopping around the blue teleports, and fighting through waves of bad guys. When all of a sudden, I find myself warped all the way back to the beginning of the level.Yep, I think I did something wrong when entering the power plant, because the game glitched and I was unable to beat the game properly. ARGH. I hate the fact I wasted so much time on that last level before I figured it out! Make sure to read any readmes talking about which way to enter. They mention the Stadium that you have to enter first to complete an objective or something.I dunno. The mod is perfect, but whatever they did to that last teleport totally screwed any good feelings I had about the mod. I mean everything was perfect until that point.Just hope my warning will save anyone else the same grief.

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with what version of STALKER can run this mod?

S.t.a.l.k.e.r. Mod: Oblivion Lost


With what version of the game runs this mod?...I just hate waiting for downloading tons of patches cuz my conection is soooo slow :(


-reply by jack

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S.t.a.l.k.e.r. Mod: Oblivion Lost


Hopefully this comment isn't too late :(. OL runs on v 1.0005, or 1.0006. (2 diff versions, this comes into play in a sec) I HIGHLY recommend getting the "arsenal mod" thats compatable with OL. It adds about 120 weapons, and they are just beautiful :). You have to update to 1.0005, download and install OL, install the arsenal mod, and then the (3) bug fixes that are located on this page for Arsenal to work.




Btw, I can't drive in the OL mod... I can get into cars, and the wheel turns, but I cant go FORWARDS. What is the cntrl scheme for cars? I can't change it ingame for some reason, and I tried the "hit every key individually" strat but I cant figure it out. (W dosent work) thanks!.


-reply by jeff

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vss vintorez and drivingS.t.a.l.k.e.r. Mod: Oblivion Lost

I downloaded and installed ol 2.2 last week

I think its pretty good , at the start it seemed a bit harder for me than the original.

I have to say its not bugfree. I am also having trouble getting into the cars. Eg I can get into one of the apcs at the military base at the start but I cant start the engine. I like the idea of having a tunder sk that uses normal 5.35 ammo at the start is quite useful. Also you can build grenadelaunchers on more weapons and use scopes. I'm just on my way to the red forest now and I got the vss vintorez(vintar bc)

I realized they changed the ammo it holds and the magazine size to up to 30... Oki, you can set this in the weapon cfg I set it to 20, cos I think its more realistic. However the effects that the weapon makes and the sound is different than in the original, and IMO not for the better.

It seems like you are firing a ak74 you , all you see is the shots wallmarks, unlike in the original you used to see a firing slow glowing bullet, kind of like an arrow. Also the sound it makes is not really nice. I was trying to get the old effects in the ltx file, but I cant figure out how to do that? help Please

anyways I'm going into the red forest now and I'm having quite a lot of fun. Especially random zombies. However in my stubborn view of a stalker veteran I need only a il 86 with gren and reduced knockback, a ak74u with grenades and scope and fast fire and the vintar bc, that I set the maximum to 20 rounds it can hold, ohyes and of course the Bulldog 6.  

I probably will go back to the start to get a nice tunder sk and see if I can put a scope on it, and it should use  5.35 

these are all the weapons you might need , so look for the enhanced ones that you can upgrade, also you can repair weapons quite cheap =)

I have to say that I refuse to use the Vss Vintorez as long as these modders still have them ugly effects and sounds, I really don't like playing with it any more. This is for me one of the most stupid things I have seen. its as stupid as if you would change the sound of the railgun in quake and not at least let them set it back to original 

-reply by johnny

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Sorry, I hadn't seen your post. Looks like you've answered all your own questions hah. It definitely makes the game more fun than the vanilla version, but it still irks me that the ending was bugged, though I'm sure they've probably fixed that by now. I picked up STALKER Clear Sky, but it just doesn't have the same feel to it as the original did... Plus, it still needs a lot of patching to run decently :\

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Herbert = if you read closely the features, the last teleporter was replaced for a "no ending" : you can go back to the Zone to do whatever you want, instead of being stucked in the NPP, that's indeed a feature and not a bug

-reply by Trem

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does it work on vista/steamS.t.a.l.k.e.r. Mod: Oblivion LostI'm downloading stalker off steam right now and I rele want this mod but idk if it works with vista and/or steam. Where do I save the file if the game is installed through steam? I would REALLY appreciate it if some1 replys to this and thanks!-question by fernando


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SoC problem hampering gameplay of the modS.t.a.l.k.e.r. Mod: Oblivion Lost

Hi, I'm playing this mod and it's really awesome, but I have a problem with SoC in general:

NPC's and objects take ages to spawn, so sometimes I destroy a box and it takes around 5 minutes for something to pop out, or otherwise 'late' Bandits will spawn in front of me while I'm checkign out some decrepit building. I toned graphics way down (despite having a good pc) but its still the same. Help plox?

-reply by Renegatz


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Dont know lot bout graphics Renegatz, but i had a same problem. I had to change the AMK Hud settings and change the graphics to "minimal"(>maybe the AMK hud<). Now i only have problems with objects (if there are many, over 3 in one box) they spawn like 10 sec to 1 min after breaking the object. Sometimes items wont be shown in stashes also but editing the settings fixed "late enemy AI" bug. !!!SO BASICLY WHAT U HAVE TO DO IS CHANGE THE SETTINGS TO MINIMAL!!! Late info but i hope it helps!~MindSlicer

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