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Fundraising Campaign To Help In Shelter & Treatment Of Stray Dogs & Pups Donate whatever you can

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Hey everyone,

I'm starting a fundraising campaign to help our poor canine buddies in desperate need of shelter and treatment. The donations will be disbursed to 3-4 dog shelters here in Bangkok who're really known to do good work. We have a few candidates at hand but haven't finalised the list yet. As soon as the list is ready - we'll put it up in this space along with the links to their websites.


Here's how the idea came up..


Posted Image

There's a sizeable bunch of stray dogs in my neighbourhood - and one of them gave birth to a litter of 8 pups about a month back. The mother herself is of extremely poor health with a very thin and frail appearance. Not surprisingly, the pups too came out small and weak. However, they are really cute and in a multitude of colours - 3 pitch blacks, 1 brown, 3 whites with black patches around the eyes (looks like they're wearing glasses) and 1 white with a black patch only around one eye.


As they grew a little bigger, the mom couldn't feed them anymore - and would run away everytime they tried to suckle. Every now and then you could hear their pitiful cries of hunger. Luckily the people staying around kept leaving food for all of them on a regular basis. That helped quite a bit.


Now, these pups stay in this uninhabited house situated in a back lane right behind my house. These playful little tykes can always be seen and heard from one of the bedroom windows upstairs. Since the evening of last Thursday, one of the pups started whimpering. Initially we dismissed it as we thought it was out of hunger. However, as the evening grew, the cries grew louder and more consistent. It was pretty dark by then - and nearly impossible to get into the house, as it's entrance is covered with dense foliage (in all probablity with loads of snakes and scorpions around). The cries didn't stop even around midnight. Rather they kept sounding more like that of a human baby in great pain crying for his/her mom. We couldn't hold back any longer and had to go and check it out.


I donned on my high-ankled boots and somehow made my way through that vegetation. What I found was one of the black pups lying on the ground seemingly paralysed. All he could do was move his his head around and cry pitifully. Everytime I picked him up, he'd stop for a while - but the moment I put him down, he started all over again and with renewed vigour. He was so weak that he couldn't stand up on his feet at all... and even if he managed to somehow, he'd start going around in circles and then collapse. While we were bringing him back his cries woke up half the neighbourhood. A lot of them suggested we rush the little one to some clinic - as something seemed seriously wrong with him.


We got him admitted in a local dog clinic cum hospital - but even there they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. The prognosis kept varying from canine distemper to worm toxemia and even some sort of a brain damage during birth. The only thing they were sure about is that this pup wouldn't be living a normal life and wouldn't survive even a day out on the streets. It needed proper food and shelter all through. Both me and my wife are away for good periods from time to time owing to work. It's not possible for us to be with the poor thing all the time and under no circumstances can he be left alone - even for a day. The clinic further informed us that the rest 7 (of the lot) stand a high chance of contracting whatever disease this pup had and have to be vaccinated immediately.


Hence, we started searching for dog shelters around this region - and found quite a few active ones who'd take care of sponsored strays. By sponsored it means they accept monthly donations. In turn they guarantee good care of the dogs. Come to think of it - nothing can run without the fuel named money. As of now, I'm footing the bill for this pups treatment - but I don't know if I can keep up with the monthly sponsorship for all eight of them.



This brings me down to the point - am actively seeking help from all of you who can spare a penny towards a good cause. Any amount of donation is accepted - even a single cent matters. You can donate using the ChipIn widget either through my blog, Chaos Laboratory or through MindChimes - the blog run by my wife.


Once the campaign is over - names of all donors will be published in a note of thanks in both the blogs - along with links to their sites (if any).


As an incentive, if you own a site, I can offer one-way backlinks to your site from two PR4 and PR3 blogs.

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