Where Can I Get Microsoft Photo Editor? Its impossible to find...

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Emasculation Reversal SuccessfulWhere Can I Get Microsoft Photo Editor?

Replying to yordanReplying to austiniskogeThank you Yordan. Your procedure worked great for me. My wife loves MS Photo Editor and when I upgraded her to Office XP 2007, I became persona non grata.After seeing your post, and finding my old Office XP 2002 cd, I was able to regain my rightful place in the order of things.


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An equal if not better photo editorWhere Can I Get Microsoft Photo Editor?

I've been looking for the microsoft photo editor for 3 years now, and everything that I've found just does not work. What I found was a program that's called the GIMP, it takes a little effort, but it creates the transparent background, and various other photo editing concepts, even creates animation, if that is what you would be willing to create, for me, this is a plus, yeah, I'd like the easy-to-use MS Photo Editor, but, I'm just as happy with this program, it does thousands of more things for pictures, that the photo editor could never do, it's free to download, can be updated, has many plug-ins, and what's the real interesting item about this program is, that it works with any platform or windows software. So, if you have the mind, want to express yourself with graphics, as I do, you'll just go download The GIMP, you may have to work at understanding it, but in the end you WILL BE SURPRISED AT WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THIS EASY TO UNDERSTAND PROGRAM.

-feedback by Alonzo E. Houston

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I've relied on MS Photo Editor for ages - it came as part of MS Office XP as well as earlier versions of Office.


I've moved on to Win 8.1, and am now running Office 13. I went back to my old XP system with Office XP. PhotoEd is in

D:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\PhotoEd. I copied the whole directory. and placed it on the new Win 8 system into C:\Programs. It does not have to be installed with Office. You do not need the CD. All you need is access to a system with Office & PhotoEd on it, and a thumb drive to copy the folder to. The /Photoed folder has these files in it:







I also added it to the SendTo right click menu so I can easily open images with it.

to do this, go to Run and enter shell:sendto, which opens C:\Users\UserAccount\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo. Place a shortcut in there to PHOTOED.EXE, and call it PhotoEditor.


Note: I made the C:/Programs directory to keep programs that do not have to be installed. This incldes Notepad++, RIOT, SIW, TeamViewer and others. You can place the directory anywhere.


PhotoEd works just as it did in the old system.

Edited by StanStr

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