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I wish I had a profession. Hah. Fairly recent college graduate.. but chose to delay the start of my life and volunteer abroad in another country for .. almost a year. Crazy that I would do such a thing! But I did.. and still currently doing it. Getting lots of experience and education though. Teaching ESL among other things. So hopefully when I return to the US, I will be able to do some things. I'm actually hoping to return to school eventually. I would love to do something with Leadership Education -- like a Career Counselor or similar, but more than just a desk job and actual stepping in and running leadership development programs.But I always just consider myself a student. A student of life!

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I feel a bit sad talking about my profession.

The reason for this is as follows:

I am, or rather I WAS, a professional performing musician and music teacher and lecturer who loved his job.

That was, until my health situation decided otherwise.

I started the performing side of things from a very young age and as I got older I have worked over practically most of Western Europe, and have had a lot of fun and pleasure in the process.

When I got a bit older still, I decided not to go on the road as much and restrict the night life and the long travels and lots of stress a bit and get more into the teaching side of things.

I still did some performing and always put bands (and especially jazz bands) together in the schools where I worked, and in a place where I lectured, it was even my job to train bands in both the playing and the business side of things.

However, bit by bit, my health began to deteriorate until all of a sudden I came to a point where I felt I was not going to manage much longer (far too soon and too young, mind you), and what was worse, the doctors agreed with me.

So, for the last six years, I have been sat at home, suffering, moping, getting bored, trying to do some of the things I loved to some extent (eg. compose a bit of music, try to play my piano a bit, but life can still get very frustrating).

This only goes to show you how quickly somebody's life can completely change in a short period of time.



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