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Very Very Important Instructions! Dont Ignore!

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This Forum helps members to RAISE your voice against or with(supporting) anything! No matter where you live.. and who you want to talk about, you have no restrictions.






Suppose you want to raise you voice for supporting Xisto, you can say

Xisto, The Best Free Hosting

If you wanted to raise against it, you can use,

Xisto, xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx

Well, I can't say bad bout my own stuff.. :-D


Putting the company name will attract more people, that is the reason we want you to mention it.


Place, Date,Time, Product No, Transaction No and more details.


Give as much detail as possible about the place, day and time. If you know a person who contacted you or whom you spoke with, put it all here. People who read it must know that the matter you have said is Genuine.

Mentioning things like your Product ID, Service No, Ticket No.. depending on the thing, service, product ... The options are unlimited.




There are chances that the company themselves might come over here and reply to your post giving you a clarification. So be PROFESSIONAL and see to it that you prove your point to the best possible way. Because, if their representive comes here and replies back ( and proves you wrong ) then you can make a fool of yourself. So think before you post.


I will be adding more.. So check back later :D

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