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Answers To Some Common Questions READ THIS FIRST

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Why did we create this forum?

The answer to this question is quite simple, we wanted to concentrate questions, issues, problems, etc related to hosting here, in one place. This way it will be easier to find answers, pose a question,... Also in the old "cPanel and FTP" forum, there were a lot of non-related posts, which just confused a lot of people.


What to expect in this forum?

Everything that is not in direct relation with cPanel, any of it's subforums or FTP, should not be here. For example, posts about HTML issues, should be in the HTML Forum. This forum is NOT intended for anything about the actual building of your site, but the server side actions (how to get your site "up there" :D, installing scripts, bulletin boards, setting up mailing lists, managing subdomains, etc).


What can be posted here, in the main section (not in any of the subforums) is for example issues reaching cPanel, which can be a server issue or a browser issue :P


Why can only Hosted Members start topics here?

Well, because the hosted members are like our customers. The Hosted Members are, like their group reads, hosted here. Therefore their questions about the services (cPanel, FTP, etc) are important. Of course, everyone can reply to the topics posted by the members, but only they can start topics :P


What is NOT allowed here?

And this is the shortest answer. The rules of the board apply here, just the same. :D So NO SPAMMING, no offensive language, pay attention to your spelling and grammar so we at least can understand you ;) and of course make sure your language is suitable for minors as well.

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