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Read Before Posting! I know... too many rules

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Thanks to ex-admin Spectre for these rules!


About fake posts:


The single biggest threat in security is the human element. Methods such as social engineering are one of the easiest ways for an intruder to gain access to information they shouldn't know.


It is important that everyone watch out for false claims of authority, and requests for sensitive information - especially passwords. If you receive a private message or email from someone claiming to have permission from an administrator, or that they are in a position to rightfully have access to such information, then it is strongly recommended that you check that what they are saying is true, with either myself, or another administator.


One example might be:


The admin just told me to check your account for any problems, but I need your password to do it.

Or another:


Hey, its me, the admin. For some reason, I can't login to my account, and it's not letting me reset my password. Could someone please change it to X for me, so I can log back in?

Properly structured and planned social engineering attempts will generally be much more clever and sneaky than this, and often seem valid enough that the user is fooled into complying with whatever the attacker is requesting.


Anyway, my point is just to be careful if someone starts asking for something that seems a little bit suspicious. If you see something that you don't trust, then report it to an administrator as soon as possible.


About Spam:


There are different opinions of what classifies as spam, and I'm sure that various people have tried to put them forth here before.


I've been having to go through the forums and delete a lot of posts recently, because they do not meet the Trap 17 posting requirements. And as I find this tiresome, annoying, and a waste of what could otherwise be productive time, I'm going to outline what classifies as spam here at Trap 17.

Anything that doesn't seem to contribute to the community. Basically, that's what is outlined here.

Anything that is very short. For example, 'lol', 'yeah', 'I agree', 'That's right', 'I think so', etc.

Anything that doesn't make any sense. This seems to sometimes be a problem with people who's first language isn't English. Now, I don't mean to be discriminatory - but if it doesn't make sense, then it isn't going to contribute to the community whatsoever.

Anything that is very repetitive. For example, if you start three topics which all pretty much say the same thing.

Any topics that have already been posted. We don't need to vote for the same options twice, or here about the same events in the news again. Do not start topics that are already in existance.

Anything else that is clearly not going to contribute anything to the community overall.

Such posts will be deleted without question, or explanation. So if you notice some of your posts go missing, or your post count drops all of a sudden, then it means you've probobly been spamming. If you get caught spamming, then the chances are that you will not receive hosting from Trap 17 - so it really isn't worth it.


Thanks to Spectre, Ex-Admin for these rules!



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