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Hi. I found this site after my last free webhost shut down (, and I was wondering how sustainable this site is. As in, are you earning enough revenue to support the free sites? The last webhost I had closed because they couldn't afford the $900+ a month...
Also, is it allowed to directly link to files in our webspace? (Say, for example, posting pictures in a forum?)

Thanks for your time


Yes! This should be the first question that must come to your mind. The point that you said that they require about $900 for hosting is wrong. Basically it is far more less. unless they have purchased a DEDICATED SERVER. Xisto and Xisto have been supported by a very much reliable source. Most free hosting sites are supported by Google ads where they expect member's to c1ieek the ads. Even though Xisto is using Google ads, we are not depended on it. We have far more vast strategies. One more thing to prove this is, Xisto does not have Google ads at all. If we were like others, we would have closed everything just the next day. As said, we have vast strategies. We are partnered with hosts which have DEDICATED SERVERS and we are given space and BW which we are providing to our member's. Our partner depends on us for advertising requirements and the monthly revenue we pay them. So, it is an unbreakable contract we have had from the day we had launched of Xisto. Till now, our expenses have been so small that we have not advertised them. This is because, we pay only for the number of account we have on yearly basis. So now, if we approve an account to you, we only pay for your account and we do not purchase everything in BULK. This reduces a huge amount of revenue which usually gets wasted due to unallocated space and BW.
Hadn't we been like other hosts, we could have allowed member's to SPAM and get our revenue. But there are some reasons, because of which we want member's requesting hosting to make posts. Spamming the Forums is a huge way for us to earn profits. But we are not interested in profits. Infact, Xisto was launched because we wanted a community. If you don't want to post GENUINELY, or you think you cannot post much here (due to some technical theme of the forum) , you are free to shift to Xisto.

Xisto has Arcade, Off topic categories, Reputation points, Vent (place where one can post anything), Army System, RPG game,Shoutbox( where members are seen chatting with each other) and lot more. At Xisto, Getting hosting is like a form of Entertainment. There are no strict rules for spamming etc. However, Spam is deleted but the rule is not so strict. Member's there still make small posts. We get huge number of hits and also have a huge member base. So, it is obvious that we will be staying up forever. And I think, we have proved our point that we are not dependant upon advertising only.

Then the next question arises? - What was the need to Launch Xisto? Why should I post here when I can get almost the same hosting on Xisto with any type of post?
Most of the member's look only the facilities provided. While Hosting goes far behind conventional topics about space and BW. Xisto member's enjoy hosting on fast computers powered by 4 XEON Processors (2.8 GHz each ), High end datacenter, and an advanced monitoring system. In short, each account at Xisto costs $30 anually while at Xisto it is about $15 to $20 ( depending on the package ).

Quality never comes Cheap! There are hundreds of host in the market. Why have most of the member's in Xisto ( Xisto is just started ) chosen us after being KICKED out of other hosts. It is only because of reliability. For the sake of reliability, we have changed our Server 3 times, upgraded more than 5 times. We give our first priority to reliability and Stability. Don't Fall for Unlimited Space and BW, none of them is Free and no person in the world has such a huge kind heart to give you that for free. He is openly cheating you. Even if you don't chose us to be your trusted host, we ask you to go to hosts which offer less (below 3 GB BW and less than 300 mb space). These are the people who actually live out forever. We give what we have. We do not OVERSELL.


You are posting here to keep your hosting account alive. We ask you to post, just to make sure that you are intrested in your hosting account and to see that you are a part of this community. Remaining *ACTIVE* is necessary to keep your Hosting account from getting deleted as well as keeping this site and community up! Unknowingly.. You are contributing to this site..

About Xisto and Xisto

Sincerly, We get about 5000 page views and THOSANDS of hits per day and we havent used more than 100 mb per day! That again comes to 3 GB. So if your account really requires that much BW, we suggest that you go for PAID hosting . You can easily make enough money to support your site with that traffic. The main objective of our site is to help people get FREE Hosting.

BTW, Let me make one thing clear. Go for any of the competitors FREE Web hosting company and get your account of about 20 GB BW. Upload some ZIPs, Songs and put it for Download and give the link to everyone! Within a day your account would be deleted!

Dear Members, BW is one of the most expensive factors in Web hosting. Don't get carried away by those UNMETERED BW slogans.. All these Companies assume that you don't use more than 750 mb Approx. Every 1 GB extra BW is sold @ $1 - 2... depends on the hosting company. So, it is practically impossible to get FREE BW.. Because BW itself is not FREE and is charged at each and every place on earth. Because the Host himself is purchasing BW to provide you. All of them OVERSELL.

What is Overselling ?
Overselling is a process in which a Hosting Provider may provide more than the allocated amount, the host himself has. Suppose, we have altogether 100 GB BW. We can provide 100 accounts with 5 GB BW assuming , No one is going to use over 1 GB. This can be a great risk if most of the users actually use it. Xisto and Xisto Do NOT OVERSELL! Hence, We provide only that much as we successfully can. So you don't have to worry about us getting shutdown. Your Website is SAFE at our Servers.

Respect the Site which is helping you so much .. and care for it. It is your responsiblity to help us in return of the Best Free Hosting Service. Spread out name and Link back to us.. Enlist us in Free Webhosting lists. Put us a nice review if you have been satisfied with your free hosting account with us at

No other Company Provides Hosting Services and Advanced Technologies like
JSP , TOMCAT, TCL, Macromedia Shockwave etc.. Yes! We do support all these, if you never knew them. All these are supported since we have started! Most of our competitors claim to give it but they don't have it in realility.

Other Hosting providers charge a lot for these web-hosting services while here at , you get the same web hosting package absolutely FREE!

:: Your Account is Safe with us, You can Trust US! ::

So, Don't Get Cheated Elsewhere... If you want, I can cheat you Right HERE!! :)

Just put up a mass POLL and I will start overselling giving out UNMETERED SPACE and BANDWIDTH!

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