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This is the AMOUNT we spend for EACH (free) hosting account that we give out!

[Amount spent for EACH account annually : $30 ]

In return of this , we want you to make good posts at the forums.
We can easily know about a copied content by searching on GOOGLE. So, Help sincerly.

We understand, most of the member's are in a hurry to make up Posts.
GOOD POSTS does not mean TUTORIALS. Any post which makes sence is good.
We sincerly hate posts which just say, "I agree" or "LOL" etc. or posts which simply repeat the ideas of the person who started the thread. Genreally posts below 2 lines are counted as spam. Good posts mean adding information. When you reply, Please see to it that your putting in some new information there, which would be helpful to others and which can make some difference.

We agree that now (3rd Sep 2004 IST ), we don't have much member's and posts because its hardly a 3-4 days since we have started. But things will soon heat up. If you can't find good topics, create your own and start a discussion. give as much of information you already know about it. Looking at current response, most member's are rushing towards TUTORIALS. And when it comes to Tutorials, many member copy them. ( we can easily filter them out.)

The reason for this notice is,
Please be sincere. We observe that most member's become inactive after getting hosting. Hence, we ask you to be active and make atleast 10 good posts before we give you. No need to post tutorials, just simple posts which have some information with it. This information can be your suggestion, extra information, your views if you disagree etc. If you do not have much knowlegde about computers, may be your at the wrong place. We spend a lot, especially for HOSTING *FEATURES* like PHP, perl, JSP, tomcat etc. We want You, to use them at their full potential so that you can power your site with our latest technology.

Its ok, even if you post 1 message per day, but please see to it that that messge proves useful to someone. Also, please do not copy contents from another site ( most members tend to do this ).It is now our responsibility that you recieve the best quality hosting. All we ask you in return is your contribution to our small growing community.

TUTORIALS are advanced stuff which can be contributed by talented people.
If you can really contribute nice TUTORIALS, go ahead. Once we accept it, we will directly give you Bonus points according to the tutorial. If we find your tutorial copied, we will reduce your posts. (this won't happen if you are sincere. Chances are simply 0%. Copied posts are the ones which match word to word.)

Xisto is our SECOND site. We already have a lot of experience in this business. Our other site ranks First in best USER RATED free webhosting site. Ranks III in overall best Free hosting Site.
( according to ) as on 3th September 2004.

STATISTICS of the other Forum as on 3rd September 2004

Our members have made a total of 10,143 postsWe have 815 registered members

But most of the member's posts over there at our partner site are Spam. So we need GENUINE member's who would like to post and take interest. We are ready to help you in any way we can. Any feature you want, just post a request. We will try our best to install it!

And final note : Enjoy your stay! Your feedback is extremely essential and it has helped us a lot to come to this stage. Please post them on the forums or mail it to

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