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In most cases, member's are annoyed of posting (for free hosting without initially getting an account) and especially when you are shifting from another Free Web host to ours, you may lose patience when it comes to posting. We require member's to make quality posts. We agree that we make member's post so as to keep this service alive. This is only for the fact that it helps us build a nice community and attracts more people. We will help you in any way we can so that you may enjoy your stay and have complete faith in our service. We can now say that we are completely experienced in our field. We have another successful web hosting company running along side this one. The difference is Xisto is targeted for more professional minds and for people who have priceless knowledge to contribute. If you want your hosting account urgently and would like to go for mini-starters package , You are required to make 10 QUALITY POSTS. Make them nice and big with full of content and information. Copying strictly prohibited. Once approved, we will give you a starters account with :-1> 20 mb space2> 500 mb Bandwidth.[ Rest Features remain the same. ]REMEMBER : The mini-starter package is not our STANDARD package and we are only providing it for you to trust us and help to you have a better mood while making good posts and contributing to our forums.

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