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RULES. 1. You cannot COPY contents or posts from another site. 2. You cannot SPAM. 3. You must not use Explicit languages or express hatred. 4. Your Topics and replies should be Clear. 5. You must not abuse any services. 6. Forums should not be used for advertising purposes. 7. You must contribute your knowledge. Our hosting is aimed at people who have talent and experience. If you are not familiar with basic hosting and don't have basic knowledge about web hosting and designing then you won't be able to contribute to our forums. 8. Post Counts are only counted at the Contribute category. Posting elsewhere will not help you.RULES for Posting Tutorials ( Advanced member's ) 1. Submitting GENUINE TUTORIALS will earn you more points. Just submit tutorial in Howto category and request for moderator to give you more points. Depending on your tutorial, you will receive bonus points. If your tutorial is found to be copied, points would be reduced! 2. Your Tutorial should a detailed one and you must assume the reader with no prior knowledge. It should be step by step and If possible illustrate by posting images. Use image hosting service providers. Do not use space off your own web hosting space. You may exhaust it in no time ;-) ( It would be viewed by hundred's of users ) 3. Post only in Howto or tutorial category. 4. After posting a tutorial, PM the admin about it. If accepted ( 99% tutorials would be accepted if you have not copied ), we will give you BONUS points.GOOD POSTS Posts that are helpful and do not contain things like "Yes", "No", "I agree", "LOL" etc are considered good posts. Posts which are bigger are always better. Inshort, meaningful posts are good. When you apply for hosting, only good posts are counted. . If you are accepted then you will be given a Hosting Account. Your account will be approved within 24 hours. You will be given you Cpanel username and password.

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