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This forum seems almost empty. The amount of new posts is very small. And a lot of old members seem to have left this place. In any case it seems they don't post here anymore.


The first post made by this account has received 34 visits during the first 5 hours the post has been exposed on this forum.


This means, that the forum attracts visitors.


This can be seen as a nice piece of information.


It can be considered interesting information, because with enough visitors the possibility one visitor will react to a post might grow.


And this might be convenient for some persons, because for some members it seems more easy to post a message in a reaction to a message of another member.


And a reaction to a new topic opens the possibily to post in that topic again by the Opening Poster.


When a new topic doesn't recieve any reactions the Opening Poster has the option to react to the first post of the topic.


And it is not sure wether or not this can be seen like something that might be considered to be a little bit odd.




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