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I hope someone can help me with this issue before it drives me up the wall:


I have a Samsung CLP-300 Laser Printer, and I have bought a Buffalo HD-HD250LAN NAS.


What I am trying to achieve is to connect my printer to the NAS so it can be used on the network.

However, it is causing me lots of grief.


Either the printer shows up as being connected but will not print, or I get a message the printer does not exist or there is no driver, it gives me anything except sheets of paper coming from the printer.


I run Windows 8 64 bit and I have a universal Samsung driver ready, but when I try to install this one, it keeps telling me there is no printer connected.


A few questions now:


  • Should I install the driver on my machine, on the NAS or on both?
  • The IP address of the NAS is, is the IP address of the printer the same, and if not, how can I find that IP address?
  • Or even better, is there an experienced person here who could talk me through the process step by step?

(Although question 1 is not very useful, as the driver keeps refusing to install as I explained above).


The NAS is connected to the routher via Ethernet cable, and the printer is on the NAS' USB port.


If I missed any information out, please ask away, as long as my problem can be solved.


Thank you in advance.


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If you can try to connect the printer directly to your computer and give it a go, and check if there are any warning LEDs on the printer indicating that it is out-of-paper or out-of-ink. I've had a couple of printers tell me that they are out of paper if they don't have at least 30 sheets of paper in the paper feeder. It's probably just a design defect that the manufacturer does not want to admit, but it exists no matter what they would want to say.
To get the printer running, the NAS would have to detect the printer. Then, you would attempt to connect to the printer over the network at which point the computer gets the drivers installed automatically from the network (though sometimes you have to do it manually). In either case, if the NAS says the printer is connected and the computer says it is able to 'see' the printer over the network and view the print queue status, that's a first step. Try to print some text entered into Notepad to check if the printer responds (some printers have issues printing images).
The IP address of the NAS is used to connect to the printer. If you are accessing the NAS as a shared resource in Windows, you should be able to get the name of the printer along with the names of any shared folders. Double-click on the printer to view the print queue. The printer does not have a separate IP address because it is simply plugged into the USB port of the NAS.

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