I Think We Are Owed.

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thank you for your comment sheepdog, maybe someday I will go for hosting, and I sure will keep my fingers crossed for you.

all the best. I am busy the next few days have an asbestos survey on Tuesday at 11am so have being cleaning the past few days

this is the first day I have had a rest this week, tomorrow I am going to get more cleaning, can not wait until the survey is over (btw I do not have asbestos for anyone wanting to know its a requirement now by the Housing Executive). heres hoping everything goes well for you sheepdog.

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If it helps, I'll be on the forum every now and then posting too, so you will have a lot of new stuff coming up on the forum. After most of my domains were deactivated, I do not really have much of a problem with keeping up with the postings. I still post to the forum anyway because it is fun to do.
I'd love to be able to come over and spend a couple of months helping you with work around the kennels and fix the trailer, but the US government does not really want people from other parts of the world doing what an American could get paid to do, even if it is at the expense of small business owners. However, there is a website for you to find people from parts of Europe where they do not need visas or work authorization, or the United States to come over and volunteer up to five hours of their time every day to help out. I have the URL to the website on the browser of my other computer, but I can get it for you. Basically, whoever wants to volunteer would pay to get themselves registered on the website and they would be able to see volunteering opportunities. People who are in need of volunteers can list their volunteering opportunities for free. I know, the idea seems weird - why would a website charge potential volunteers for leading them to volunteering opportunities. The volunteers would need to have their food and accomodation needs taken care of while they are volunteering, but they would be able to arrange for their own travel expenses.
By the way, I thought the trailer was burned down so there was nothing to fix up after the thief decided to get back at you with arson for trying to evict him. I am imagining the scene from a car crash where a vehicle goes up in flames and there is almost nothing remaining apart from the mangled metal and ashes of seats and plastics. The trailer fire may not have been as bad, if you are trying to get it fixed. In Dubai, anything that gets rebuilt after a fire is supposed to bring good luck. It happened with a mall called the Oasis Center. Before the fire, they had almost nobody visiting the mall but after the fire, their luck turned and they are now seeing lots and lots of people and occasionally some celebrities visiting the mall. One way to judge the success of a mall is to look at how many people are in the food court - the food court caters to a basic need of people and if you can get people in there, that's easy money in the bag for everyone renting space in the food court. With all the other stores, it is a hit or a miss because when selling premium luxury products, the need to make a sale is not as much as making the brand presence known by setting up a store. It's along the lines of how the Ferrari vehicle stores barely sell any when compared to Toyota dealerships. A Ferrari salesman would literally go, "Whoa!," on seeing a typical day at a Toyota dealership with the salesman selling cars like crazy with everything from a Toyota Yaris to rental agencies as institutional sales and Toyota Camries (Camry in plural ought to be Camries) to the average folk, and Lexus vehicles to people desiring performance or luxury.

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