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This is an invitation for all non-native speakers of English in this forum to post their questions about English language.


People with good English, that doesn't include me:), can reply with answeres, corrections or suggestions.


Short tutorials would be a good idea. Some ideas for tutorials:

common expressions and phrases that are useful for writing in our forum

common errors in using prepositions

explaining some useful idioms

Actually I can post the first question here which really irritates me:


What's the rule for capitalizing headlines? I'm not even sure that I got the capitalization for the title of this topic right.



I'm looking forwared to your contributions here.

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Mamer,Just as there are variations in the American and British spellings, there are variations among different publication standards on the capitalization of headings. Whenever you write to a publication, you have to determine what standards they require you to follow, and you can either hire an editor or perform the formatting of your contribution yourself to adhere to the formatting standards required by the publication.

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I think I'm goin

However, mamer, do not forget:it seems like the forum itself gives every single word in the title a capital letter.

I noticed this a while back.

I think I'm going to stick to that a rule although I don't think capitalizing prepositions is correct.

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Oh My God I actually almost make a mistake creating a new topic about this initiative.


I am from Honduras and I speak Spanish. I can´t speak english but I can read it very well. Because of that I have no problems posting and reading in this forum. But considering my English is not native to think I make many mistakes when writing that must be very uncomfortable for readers. So I wanted to start a topic similar to this that already existed and as I see it is outdated for two years.


So I invite to all the non English speakers members to post here all your doubts about this language with the noble purpose of increasing our knowledge of English and make it easier for all of us to communicate our ideas and knowlegde.


Well I hope this initiative can motivate to all of you that like me doesn´t have a complete knowlegde of the English.



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