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What Is Going On With Knowledsutra?

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Hello to all my knowledge partners from this fantastic forum. You are looking for wisdom ehh??? Well I will put this post here because I don´t know where can be better located. If I would be wrong chosing this forum please moderators fell free to move it for the correct place.


I remember like yesterday the first time I arrived to this site... Was in the 2009 and I was so crazy because I had learned to make some non-complex websites using html and I found the way to get my hosting here. Firstly I didn´t trust much in the site because you know nothing it is free in this world. But reading here and there I understood all the potential of the forum then allowing to all of us share our knowledge and be rewarded with the possibility of getting a website to be realized our projects. I remember that is those days this forum was called I enjoyed all the afternoons posting and reading here in the forum like crazy and of course I got my website hosting all was so perfect. I retired a months after thath because I have to go live in a rural location where there is not any internet connection. But making a comparison with today I can understand why all was so perfect this forum and I want to expose this here rigth now.


First of all here were online a lot of users interested more in the forum than in their Mycents. Nowadays it is very difficult to see another people than you online. This only can be translated in a low speed comunication in the forums and abscense of response sometimes. This is very disapointing because all you want is not to post and collect Mycents, no, I want to share knowledge in other words, discuss importante matters here.


Second the Mycent system is very very bad than before. I don´t know the origin of these but I trust in this can´t be intentional. I last until an entire week to get Mycents updates when before this was a process of hours only. This maybe is causing the incredible abscense in the forum because the people are starting to seek for alternative ways than Xisto to get hosting.


Like a good critic I want to make some recomendatios to the admin and to other members too:


1. Fix the Mycents updates problems quickly.

2. To the members please keep posting knowing this forum reward you early or late and continue sharing your knowledge with freedom.

3. This is particular opinion: I don´t know if this is real or not but I feel as I get less Mycents for my post than before. So I think I am not the only one who see this. Maybe if we are able to get a little more Mycents for our post can motivated the other people to return to the activity and save the forum from the silence that in some times of the day is all what you can listen.


There is my recomendations and I am sure you as member of you our admin have something to say about the topic please feel in full freedom to comment.

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The best thing about the good old days is that we had plenty of time. Then, came the advanced degrees at universities that demanded more time, the work at the office where the boss insists on sleeping at the office round the clock even when there's nothing to do. It's a constantly increasing set of demands that people have.Lately, there haven't been many posts on the forum but it's usually a phase that the forum has been going through over the years. There are times when the forum sees no posts at all, then suddenly there's an interest by the members and the forum is buzzing with activity again. There's always something happening on the forum when there are new members signing up, so that's definitely something we ought to encourage.The MyCENTs are fewer than there used to be in the Xisto days. It perhaps is intended to make sure that the old members stay on the forum for long enough to generate interest.

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