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Guwahati Feels The Shame, Not Secure For Female Residents

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Hello friends, earlier this week a video went viral on the internet, most of the netizens would be aware that it was about the molestation of a seventeen year old girl by a mob on the streets of Guwahati, a rapidly developing city in Assam, India!!!! This means that while the brutality was taking place, it was caught in the camera, yet the molesters didn't bother to give a damn.The cops played their roles with usual indifference and yet another teenager is left to deal with horrible memories.The incident took place on the night of last Monday, when reportedly a group of friends, two boys and four girls went into a bar to celebrate one of the girl's birthday, they somehow entered into a brawl and were asked to leave, as they were out on the streets, they began to be followed by a stranger and that soon became a crowd of localites who took advantage of the situation,dragged the girl and tore her clothes.Later when the victim was asked to recall about the incident, she broke down saying that there were a number of passers-by and media persons, who were busy shooting the incident, but no one came forward to rescue her. Then one of the senior journalists of Assam, who was passing by, stopped and rescued the girl with the help of the police.What was even more shocking were the remarks passed by a responsible official of the police, that the police wasn't like an ATM machine and couldn't start working only by inserting a card.The media guys cleared their space by saying that two persons were too weak to take on a mob of 16 people, yet they recorded on their cameras to upload it on Youtube, in view of public interest which they felt was more important than saving the girl from the gruesome incident.The whole nation has been moved by the act and various organizations, commissions for human rights and the Home Ministry itself has condemned the episode and the remarks of the police and its escaping from shouldering the responsibility. As another mark of failure, the police have managed to get hold not even 5 of the culprits.Probably many would hold the teenager responsible for this being caused to her, but this could happen to anyone, at any time of the day.I being born and brought up in Guwahati feel its a shame for the people who love the place but cannot be sure about how secure the female members of their family are there. I am sure this is not the only case of its kind, but such incidents in any part of the world should receive the same amount of fire and women should learn to defend themselves or guarded well so that they can be proud of being a woman.

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