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Just A Minor Complaint.

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This weekend was our anual pet breeders meeting and educational seminar. Held in downtown area in Springfield, at the convention center. Outside during a smoke break, I was approached by a young woman trying to get signatures for an petition for a vote during our next election. I do know a little bit about how these things work, the people carrying the petitions get paid so much for each signature. Now don't get me wroung, I have nothing against the way anybody tries to work to make a living, but when I asked the girl about what the petition was actually about and for and what it would do if it was voted on, she didn't have a clue. Not even the slightest idea. Seriously, if voters are to make an informed decision when they go to the polls, why don't the people promoting their ideas be at least able to explain the details of just what it is you are signing up to change? For any other job your employer is going to train you. Even if it's washing dishes in a restuarant, you will be taught not to leave food stuck on the plates that might cause someone to get food poisioned. When it comes to elections and things that effect our lives and our freedom should not that be important enough to have the facts availalble when someone asks? Can a person care so little about what goes on in the world that just to make money they would go around so totally uninformed just to make a little money? Where is this girls pride in doing a good job if she didn't even care enough to know what she was collecting signatures for? And even if her goal was simply to make money, did she not realize that by not knowing what she was doing she wasn't going to be able to convince people to sign the petition and therefor was not going to make much money anyway? Anyway, I just found it upsetting that something as important as this was treated so carelessly by someone just out to make a buck.

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