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correctly put, POST TO HOST website hosting. (member testimonials)

( these steps are for those people who are extremely impatient and want to get started without reading the instruction manual )

  • Signup here (our forum), Contribute & Share knowledge by discussing here. Everytime you post here, you get points called "myCENTS". You will receive funds automatically when you post and you will be alerted on your email. Once your earning is about $2, you can buy a website package at Shopping Area. Participate in this forum to earn myCENTS. (Please observe forum discipline instructions strictly)
  • Signup at our Shopping Area,
  • This is the area where your earnings (myCENTS) from forum participation will be deposited. This money can be used to buy any of our products using myCENTS. You are not required to have any credit-card and there is no age limit.
    myCENTS: We have a point system called "myCENT". And yes, each myCENT represents 1 American "cent". The goal is to make good posts and gather 100 cents. Every time you cross 100, your cents will be converted to US Dollar and deposited into Xisto - Support.com Billing/Shopping area. So Keep Discussing and Continue Earning More Funds(myCENTS) to buy anything offered at Xisto - Web Hosting.com :)

    Benefits & Rewards - *free web hosting without ADS* - yourName.com Free!

    As a reward for your contribution to this little Community, We will give you advanced & quality Web service or website(s) for Free. This includes your own (YourName.com/.net/.org... etc.) Website (Registration Service), Personalized yourname.com Email Solution, Software & Knowledge for Creating, Administrating, Promoting & making revenue from your own Website. Web Hosting service supporting latest Technology like PHP, ASP, MYSQL, MSSQL, Ruby on Rails, JSP Tomcat, Python, CPanel etc. For advanced web developers, we will even help you setup your own Private Virtual Server for FREE!

    When it comes to Web Services, Our commitment is pure Quality. All our Products can be purchased FREE by contributing posts in this forum..For any kind of Web-Help or Website Solutions, please e-mail - sales [@] Xisto - Web Hosting.com. OR call : +1 (213) 984-1190. :-)

    The Deal / Catch here is Simple, For your Sincere participation for sharing knowledge, We research the Web for you to serve the BEST Web Solutions with Reliability, Uptime & Security. Our mission is to help everyone enrich their lives using The Internet & we believe that today, having Online Presence is a must for everyone.


    The Following set of rules must be kept in mind by all members of this forum :
  • Languages (warning): All posts made must be written in decent English. This means you will at least try to write grammatically correct sentences and be a little careful at what you're trying to say. We're not all psychic, so if you want to make something clear, do it the right way. Should a post be made in another language, you should at least add an English translation to it.
  • Spam (warning): Any post that is off-topic or contributes nothing useful or interesting to a thread is considered to be spam. Most spam posts will be moved or deleted. Spam includes posts that:
  • only contain emoticons.
  • only contain a short message, such as "LOL", "thank you" or "hello".
  • Anything that our Staff Feels UN-FIT for our mission.
  • Double Posts (warning): Double posts will not be allowed. If you already made a post and wish to add something, use the p_edit.gif button and change or update your post when no other replies are present.
  • Short Posts (deleted): Posts that are under roughly 150 characters or less than about 25 words are considered to be pointless, and will be deleted. Routine maintenance will automatically delete such posts.
  • Stay active (suspension): Once a user has been granted a hosting account (s)he must stay active in these forums for as long as (s)he wishes to keep that account. Keeping track of myCENTS is your responsibility.
  • Privacy (warning) : Posts containing private information of a person, will not be allowed. You will respect any person's privacy at all times. This rule does not apply to situations where this information is of vital importance, or when it is your own. Yet please be careful when posting information about yourself and keep in mind that search engines DO scan these pages. Private information includes, by is not limited to:
  • eMail addresses, IP addresses, IM handles and other contact information.
  • Full or partial names, postal addresses, or other physical information.
  • Social information, Passwords, ...
  • Advertising (warning): Advertising on the forum is not allowed under any but the following conditions:
  • a website in the review website forum providing it does not compete with any of our services.
  • when it offers a solution to a problem stated.
  • Subjects (warning): The subject line of a thread should be descriptive, not something like "help plz." If a certain subject has already been discussed, making a new thread about it is discouraged. Please browse or search the forums before posting a thread.
  • Respect (frowned upon): All the members in this forum must respect and treat justfully all visitors of this forum. Everyone shall be treated equally in the matters of judgment. "Flaming" members unjust fully will not be allowed.
  • Swearing (frowned upon): Cursing and swearing is highly discouraged. Keep your language decent, and don't talk provocative.
  • Text Style (warning): Messages should be written so that all members can easily read them. Use of color and different text size is discouraged, FULL CAPS and CamElCapS are frowned upon. They will only lower you in respect by the general forum population.
  • Illegal Content (ban): Posting illegal content, or referring to it with, for example, a link, and even discussing such material will not be allowed. Such material includes but is not limited to :
  • Warez, or other illegally distributed software.
  • Hacking tools.
  • Pornography or nudity not safe for children.
  • Avatars & Signatures (image removal - warning): Images of large dimensions or file sizes are not allowed as they will interfere with the forum's layout or displaying performance (esp. with users on slower connections).
  • Maximum signature dimensions: 590 pixels wide, 125 pixels high
  • Corrective Action: If you fail to follow these rules, you are at risk of receiving a punishment stated next to the rule. Every warning you receive will bring you closer to being banned permanently from the forum, and thus, eventually loosing your hosting account here. We also reserve the right to edit/delete your posts/account or deny your access to this board. If you are banned, you must not try to bypass the ban, for example, by registering new accounts, and you may not post messages to any part of the board.
    Members with a warning will be denied all services from xisto

    If a member gets warned for any of the above listed reasons, he/she will thereby lose all mycent privileges and will not be able to either buy new services or renew existing services. This applies to everything from domain registration, hosting, dedicated IP, shell access, SSL and so on. Upon removal of warning, member account will be restored back to normal.

    If a member is banned permanently from the forums, the services owned by the member will be terminated and the billing account will be locked from future use.

    Note that any data provided to this board, including your IP address, is stored in a database. Private information will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.
  • Do NOT post links in the Chat.
  • It is strictly forbidden to post links to your own sub-domain of the aforementioned sites.
  • Be kind to others.
  • Do NOT use inappropriate language, any Language not understood by Chat members.
  • Respect everyone and treat the forums with care since it took a good amount of time to create this service.
  • Do NOT post large pictures in the Chat.
  • Be active and have fun!
    Even though we attempt to edit or remove any messages that are against these rules or the law, it is impossible for us to review every message posted on this board. For this reason, you acknowledge that all messages posted on this board express the views and opinions of the original message author and not necessarily the views of the Forum Staff. Therefore we take no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy and completeness of every message.



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You have to post in the forumsWhen you have made about 10 posts, you should have enough to get the Logic plan.That Logic plan costs $1.95 per month.For the features you get with this, see the Xisto website.There are, of course, other plans available too, once again,have a look on the Xisto site tosee what is on offer.As said in the beginning, when you have made about 10 posts (not oneliners, of course), you should have about $2.00, which is enough to pay for your Logic plan.After your hosting has been set up, just keep posting here to pay your monthly hosting bill.Simple, isn't it?

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Hmm it seams that i''m not getting any mycent points for posts. Is there a problem or am i doing something wrong?

I'm seeing that you have 67.15 now. Your MyCents won't update instantly; they are updated on a manually run script. Sometimes this can take a few days to properly update all the values. Just keep consistent and you shouldn't have any problems.

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What should i do to have my account activated

Just create your Xisto - Web Hosting.com account using the same email that you use here, and then it'll take it a little while to get linked but it should do so automatically.

If you mean getting activated as in after having already gotten enough and paid MyCents for your hosting, that's done manually but is put into their queue once you've paid.

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