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Css3 And Html5 Support how much storage do we use with -moz or -o prefixes?

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It's very weird how much the Web development is complicated. Clients want to have the newest technology , most browsers don't support one codec, but support other , there are too many prefixes for every rendering engine as -webkit -o -moz prefixes for every css3 parameter as border-radius or gradients.Then there are some IE users which have the latest versions, and think the websites should work good on IE , because it's the latest version. Even IE9 doesn't support all new web2.0 features we need.How much better would be if only one open-source big rendering engine exists and all modern browsers use it and improve it. If we add the storage of all this prefixes and hacks on the web, we will see how we spend the hard disks to make a website cross-browser and cross-resolution. Then , if we add the size of the images which work as background gradients , masks and all that stuff which could be done without using images... We will get a very big number... :)

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