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What Security Software Is Good To Use For A Netbook?

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I have a 30 day Norton with my netbook and have used Norton for a long time as a trusted source.Any other ones I should consider for such a small computer that won't take up a lot of room?

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For free or not? For Windows OS or not?If you're running Windows and want a free product, you can try Security Essentials, it's on the best for FREEIf you're running Windows and want something better, but light, you can get ESET Smart Security, which has a lot of things in one product for your computer security

Kaspersky anti-virus might be quite good, but it takes up some resources


So here are the links:ESET Smart Security (better known as NOD32)



Security Essentials


Kaspersky (which I don't really recommend for your mini laptop)



: Microsoft Security Essentials only works on a valid copy of Windows :)


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