I Heard Video Card Upgrade Is One Of The Cheapest. But should I get CPU upgrade?

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The config seems great but never go for a cheap PSU ! a cheap PSU can really damage your performance and even damage your hardwares, PSUs must output a voltage with just a little oscillation on the voltage and should be able to give enough current on each voltage required by your motherboard and graphic card, cheap ones will not come with a good quality neither on voltage nor on current so you should go for at least a normal PSU which is able to provide your requirements. there are many PSU brands out there most of them are chinese bad made ones which if they do not harm your performance or even your hardware will die very soon. The thing that makes a PSU price change mostly is the parts they use in it because most of them come with same technology but brands of things like capacitors and other parts are vary in them which makes their price change.Brands i recommend for PSU are Corsair , Thermaltake , Antec . there are of course many other reliable ones which i don't remember right now but you can find them with a little search. As you said you are going to use your GT 440 graphic card in this setup then you will need a PSU with output power around (95Watts for cpu + 65Watts for vga + Max of 50Wattd for MB + 200 Watts for other things) 500 watts for current setup but if you are going to upgrade you video card later (a powerful graphic card can easily use 300Watts in full load) then maybe getting a more powerful PSU would be better but new generation of graphic cards are consuming less power and you probably don't need to get a very powerful PSU.For H.D.D my recommendation is SDD :D but it is really expensive yet and if you don't want to spend lots of money then maybe a blue edition of Western Digital suite you best. i don't recommend any Seagate hdd because i don't have a good experience with that brand and of course hdd is very important and if it brakes you may lost lots of important data. 1TB of blue edition will cost you around 60$ , black ones give you better performance but they are more expensive and 1TB of black edition will cost you around 85-90$. the space really depends on your needs but a 1TB or maybe 500GB is the minimum these days with softwares and games that need 40GB of space in your hdd.About linux i should say ubuntu 13.04 is quite good and linux have changed a little after andoid born and now you can find many games for it because now there are many softwares and games that you should pay for them which wasn't in ubuntu years before. of course this comes with disadvantages too but at least you can find some games that can enjoy.

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I meant cheap as in not over $50, because of my budget. I am aware of off brand PSUs. I read somewhere (sparkfun.com) that a guy bought an off brand psu that was advertised as "having the quietest fans out there." He said that when he inspected the PSU after it arrived, it had no fans. When I said cheap, I was considering Office Depot, as they sell things for twice their worth. And our local WalMart no longer sells internal parts. Which basically leaves, like the flea markets or small computer repair stores.


SSDs are a bit too expensive for me. If we made more money than we do, I might would get one. But my current budget won't allow it. I will definitely go WD as Seagate has a bad rep online.


As for Linux, I like Xubuntu 12.04 quite well. Though my recent upgrade (the GT440) broke the install. I can get into it, it's just more effort than I like.

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And quite possibly my last update:

The parts arrived today. It took a little while, but I finally got the thing up and running. I didn't have a 64 bit OS and Vista wouldn't boot (for obvious reasons [obvious if I told that part {Will do now}]). To make file migration easier to the new HDD (1TB), I installed the old HDD as a secondary device. It found both Ubuntu and Vista. I tried booting into Vista with the expectation that it wouldn't work. It didn't. But trying to boot into Ubuntu did work, which I also expected. I am in 32-bit Ubuntu right now. I tried to burn a CD so I could install 64-bit Ubuntu, but the image was a bit too big.


Back to the original update:

I (eventually) got everything installed hardware wise. I had a few troubleshooting steps to take. My reset switch had to be disconnected as it was always sending a signal to the board. I didn't know anything about dual channel RAM, so I ended up re-seating the sticks. It took me five minutes to realize the PSU had two six pin connectors and one eight pin, which was the one I needed. I want to put an extra case fan in it, but Radio Shack didn't have the correct type.


But the computer is up and running.

  • FX-6300 CPU (6 core, 3.4GHz with 4.1GHz overclock
  • 600 Watt Corsair PSU
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • DVD RW Drive
  • 970A-G43 MoBo
  • 1TB HDD

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