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Why Do Many Students Lose Their Interest In Studies In College?

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Dear friend here I would like to say that the time which you are killing right now will not be returned any more and you will realize this at a later age when you will get some time to think about your past and the mistakes made by you in the past. But if you are concentrating on the studies right now then you in future might be setlled in a good career and will be able to be happy then. Thats it dear friend.

The funny thing is that I know what you've said is true, but it's somehow proving difficult to put into practice!


Yeah routine can seem difficult after a while. For my college course some years ago "at first" it was excellent because we were studying design and it was an enriching cultural experience. However, after the first year and half it was more focused on arranging your time and making sure you arrive to class "exactly" on time, otherwise you'd miss critical information, even if you were 1 minute late.


The pace in later years was intense!, inevitably i found it challenging to experience my original enthusiasm. But in some ways you develop important skills at that time which will help you in life, like perseverance.


Its like a test to let those through the door who truly want to succeed.

Many senior students I've met have expressed similar thoughts; I can only imagine what my final year in college will be like, with projects and all going on. It will be hectic but fun in a weird kind of way...

I can't answer this question right now because I have got still four to five months left to join a college.

I hope I will not lose interest in studies in college!

My only advice to you is that don't go with the crowd - choose your course wisely and no matter what happens, don't drop your concentration in the first year! You can possibly relax in the later years of the course but once you're down in first year it'll be hectic to catch up later :)

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For me, it's because I'm really sick of not having enough money to live a comfortable life with my family and having also other passions, like dance. Like, I'm in a Engineering Course and the idea that I have to wait 4 more years so that I can even start to receive a more or less decent salary it's just too desmotivating. Maybe 4 years doesn't look too much, but for me, it's too much time to wait so that I finally can have enough money to follow my dream of being a dancer. The problem is that I really need to get money so that I can follow it. Grr! . I don't dislike my course.

But I really do like to be already ready to work as an engineering. Why it takes so much time to learn a career? Why the course is not just 2.5 years? I know that most of my peers are still mentally young, but I think I'm ready to have a job and live by myself. Maybe it's because I'm also a classical dancer, and classical dancers tend to be more mature than "normal" people. So, I really would like to spend my time finding ways to get money like selling some of my stuff and doing something else rather than being studying while knowing that my family needs my help and that I need to make money so that I can follow my dreams! Grrr!!!

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I think there are a lot of reasons kids loose interest. One might be a big fat reality check. They think training for certain professions are really cool, but then reality bites them in the butt and when they find out that is isn't so easy, or cool or maybe it's actually hard or boring work, or perhaps even if they do get an education, there are no job openings in that field because too many other people are more talented or thought it was cool too so the jobs are all taken.

There is also a lot of excitement in going off to collage, many kids getting away from their parent for the first time, they think it's going to be so much fun. They get exposure to things they didn't have so much before. I'm actually talking about drugs and alcohol here. There are some people that fall victim to these things hard and fast. Weak willed individuals quickly get hooked on the poison of their choice. Once those hooks are in a person, they will let everything else go down the toilet, only living for their next high. I just recently lost a young hired hand, he was a decent worker, and had every opportunity and support from his family and friends but he just couldn't leave the booze and dope alone. And there are those individuals who only go to college to get away from home, it's all just a big party to them in the first place.

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