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I personally use Safari, both because I have a Macintosh computer AND because it's the default browser... It's pretty good, I suppose, though I hate it when they couldn't "find the server"... Other browsers don't have that type of problem. The only reason why I like it is because when you got to a certain site lots and lots of times, they "bookmark" it by putting on a screen shot of it, and I think that that's pretty good.
I don't really know about the other though... but anyway...

I have tried Fire fox before... It's not that good in my opinion. I haven't tried Google Chrome though. I just think that Google is trying too hard to expand their audience and earn lots and lots of money. They just put ads everywhere, and I don't like it at all... (notice how they even embbeded ads onto the videos on Youtube??? I reckon the video makers should be given credit for that and be given a portion of their profits...)

So I'm like, against Google Chrome.

But for me, I prefer the default browser on each different computers respectively, Safari on Mac and Internet Explorer on Windows.

a) When it can't find the server, that's a problem with your computer/internet connection, not Safari. It would happen on any browser.
B) Google Chrome is the absolute best browser ever. Right next to Opera. And there's no ads in Chrome at all, except in the websites, of course, but you'll see those in other browsers too. Chrome also has a lot of extensions and themes. You can even block all ads with the extensions!

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