Chat Between Two Computers Through Lan. Is it possible to chat.......

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if you want to chat between to computers, being completely covert u can use this can use it on lan to notepad and copy paste this code over there....@echo off:AClsecho MESSENGERset /p n=user:set /p n=message:net send %n% %n%PauseGoto aafter this save the note pad file as messenger.bat(you can name this file anything but the important thing is that you follow it up by a .bat extension).open this a command prompt window will openit will ask you for a 'user name' type the ip address of the computer/laptop you want to chat with press enterthen type your message press enteryour chat has started.....

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how to know ip of connected PCs to me ,Chat Between Two Computers Through Lan.

hi there ,

how can I know IP of a computer connected to me , in my lan or in any other lan

and how can I communicate with that IP through DOS or any graphical interface program ?

-reply by medo


There are couples of ways where you can know the IP of the PC. 1) Go to My Network Places, right click it and select Properties. Than you shall have all the connection avaiable to you. Right Click the correct Local Area Connection and select Properties. Under the general tab, you shall see the Internet TCP / IP. Double Click on it. Here you shall see all the necessary information such as IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS Server, etc. Some people keep it automatically since they have two many PC to keep static IP. If it is automatically, please see point no 2


2) Go to command prompt. Start -> Run -> cmd and enter. On the DOS Prompt type ipconfig and press enter. You shall find ipconfig for all connect network. Please note down the information for the Local Area Connection.

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