Runescape Sub-forum Rules And Guidelines READ ME BEFORE POSTING

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When posting in this sub-forum please keep these guidelines in mind.

Your post/topic must comply with Runescape's Terms of Service. The TOS can be found [here].

This includes the Intellectual property rights term.

You must not reverse-engineer, decompile or modify the Game client software in any way. You must not use a modified/customised version of the client software. You must not create or provide any other means by which the Game may be played by others (including, without limitation, replacement or modified client/server software, server emulators).

A 'Private Server' is a server emulator. Making one, or giving instructions to make on is against copyright laws. Do not give instructions on how to make one, link to an existing one on the Xisto forums or make it known that you will help others make one via PM or another method of communication.

Posting about the following subjects will get your post or topic locked, deleted or edited:

Evading the ingame or RS forum language filter

Scam methods

Password gathering

Bugs and how to exploit them

Accounts or Gold for sale

Attempting to sell any item outside of RuneScape for RuneScape GP and/or items (includes guides, signatures etc.)

RuneScape Macros

Note your post will be removed, edited or the topic locked if your post breaks the guidelines above. Feel free to [PM Matt2] if you have any questions about the above guidelines.


Thanks for your co-operation.

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