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i need to buy a lot

but its four towers name mt towers

the towers

Posted Image

i made 2d because you said only 2d is allowed

i am not good in 2d graphics but good in 3d

how i made:

i opened

then i thought of 3d moddeling

my system had a imedieate restart

i lost my work

i went to trap 17 is saw this cool thing

but dissapointed when i knew it was 2d what's the next

i opened and made some 3d like 2d moddeling

at last i took the pic of flat and pasted it 4 times

and drew a box and wrote mt flat

then drew linking lines

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Your contribution has been added.

It's not 2D only, but a pixel art based. If you think you can draw 3D pixel art then go right ahead. But the original concept was based on SIMS or all others like using pixel drawing style.

Thank you for your contribution. Again, you can check Xisto Community Project at

Be sure to play with figures and vehicles for more fun! :) You'll note that smaller figures were designed to work as a standard for basic modeling size. Figure that is delivering the mail is generally the size I would recommend as door's height. From there you can build the rest of dimension.

You can drag and drop figures and vehicles anywhere you want. You must have JAVA enabled to do this.

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thats a really good idea. i checked out the site and it looks excellent. i would have never been able to think of something like that! great idea. i might try and design something i'm not sure. i'm not that good.

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