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Speed Up Newest Versions Of Mozilla Firefox For and younger versions

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I`m going to copy kashvet turoial how to speed up mozilla firefox, so kashvet writes:


The firefox browser has its own default settings which need to be edited to do this...Once done your browsing speed should increase by 300 to 500%


well to access this feature type 'about:config' in the address slot (doesnt matter if you are offline)......


in the menu you get go to network.http.pipelining by default its value is set to false, double click it to get it to say true

by enabling this your firefox browser sends multiple requests to a website


in the next line the interger is network.http.pipelining.maxrequests its value by default is 4 double click on it and set the value to somewhere between 20 to 30, this means that your browser would send 20 to 30 requests simultaneously to a website (dont go beyond 30 for the sake of morality- its a website after all and has banwidth monitoring)


some rows below find another integer network.http.proxy.pipelining, it is set to false, double click and set to true...


Lastly add a new integer, right click anywhere and select new>integer, preference name would be nglayout.initialpaint.delay set its value to zero, this new integer makes the browser display immediately any information it retrieves from the website the zero indicates the time the browser should wait before acting on the data retrieved from an web address.

Lastly just for fun

Type about:mozilla in your address bar

Happy Surfing

That good tutorial, but just for versions of mozilla firefox, which are older then version, you know, that`s not working for mozilla firefox and younger! That`s because you can`t find one string in about:config in those versions, so here you go version for newest versions:


1)Open your browser

2)Type in link-bar about:config

3)In Filter write in network.http and push Enter on your keyboard

4)Find string network.http.pipelining, double click on and change value from False to True

5)Find string network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and change value to 6

6)Find string network.http.proxy.pipelining and change value from False to True

7)Right-click in page and then New->integer. In first pop-up window write in nglayout.initialpaint.delay , but in second type value 0


That`s that! It should work and make your browser much faster!

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My speed is still the same but I have a 50MB+ Connection so it would Lolz :P, By the way if anything does go wrong while doing this just reinstall firefox is not a big deal :).

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