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How To Get High Quality Gif Images In Flash

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Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!I have been tearing my hair out as I couldn't figure why my published Gif files were coming out in such low quality.I had created a flash file for a client who also wanted to send it out as a gif in there emails, not really all that knowledgable about flash I got a bit stuck!life saver literally as it's probably my most important client and I need to keep them happy!Chris - MK - England

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I don't think it works for me...

I did everything you said but when I open the published gif, it's all white.

I would like to give more details of the problem but there is nothing more to say...It's just white.

I also tried with export (not publish) and I get this kind of quality: image. Who clearly sucks.

Any tips?

ps: I'm new to flash so go easy on me :)

This happened to me too.

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