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Javascript Alert On When Clicking A Link

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Basically, I want that a message box pops up when clicking on a specific link. The message box will ask "Are you sure you want to continue?" and then there are two buttons Yes or No / Ok or Cancel.Could someone give a code for it?

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The actual function in javascript itself is confirm().


<script type="text/javascript">


function queryAction() {

 var confirmmessage = "Are you sure you want to continue?";
 var goifokay = "";
 var cancelmessage = "Action Cancelled";

 if (confirm(confirmmessage)) {

     window.location = goifokay;

 } else {







The above code must appear between the <head> and </head> tags of your document.


<a href="#" onClick="queryAction()"> Click Here! </a>


If you place the above code between the <body> and </body> of your document, a link will appear and when you click on it the confirm message will appear.

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