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Outlook Express Troubles

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Simple, easy, effective solution. Thanks a million !




Outlook Express Troubles


Most likely you have run into the problem where your Sent Box file on the hard drive exceeds 2GB in size. Microsoft did not feel it was important to provide an error message when the file gets too large, instead displaying a blank error.


1) Tools > Options > Maintenance > Store Folder


2) Copy the address


3) Right-click Start button > Explore


4) View > Toolbars > Address bar (if it is not already showing)


5) Paste into the address bar and press Enter


6) Sort by Size column


If any of your mailboxes are over 2GB in size, Microsoft Outlook Express will break when trying to use them.


To fix the issue:


7) In Outlook create new folders to store your sent e-mail, for instance by date "Sent - Summer 2008".


8) Move messages from your Sent box to the new folders you have created.


9) Once your Sent box is empty, go back to look at all of your Outlook Express mailbox files (see steps 1 through 6 above).


10) If your Sent box is now very tiny, then you are done. Otherwise if your Sent box still shows up at 2GB, then you have experienced another Microsoft bug, continue with the steps below.


11) Quit Outlook Express.


12) Erase the Sent box file that should be empty, but is 2GB in size.


13) Reload Outlook Express, it should create a new Sent box automatically.


Hope this helps some people ... And shame on Microsoft for releasing such shoddy programs.


Raven Morris


-reply by Raven Morris


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