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Read This Before Posting In The Vent .:: MUST READ BEFORE POSTING ::.

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Rules Of The Vent

The Vent is a place for members to have a yell about whatever they want. However, this forum is not a place to break the board rules.

This means (but is not limited to) no swearing and/or use of other vulgar language. If you wish to use such language, it must be censored. Repetitve censored language in a post will result in a warn on the first event. If you try to get past the censors you will be temporarily banned (eg by using a 1 instead of the letter i).

The vent is no place to start fights with members or offend other members of this forum. At all times in the vent, members must be treated with respect.

Just like members, under no circumstances are administrators or moderators or any other member of "the staff" to be insulted or otherwise degraded for doing their jobs.

Posts and threads pertaining to any illegal activities or discussions, as well as any comments, jokes, or other content explicitly relating to sexism, racism, or other discriminatory acts, will never be tolerated under any circumstances.

You have been warned - the above rules set out must be followed in the vent. If you repeatedly break these rules, expect both your forum and hosting account to either be suspended or removed.

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