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Rules For Flash Animations basic rules to keep in mind before posting links

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Okay, here are some ground rules that you, as a member, need to keep in mind before posting links to flash games or flash animations.1. Make sure the topic title is clear - include the name of the flash and indicate whether it's a game or animation2. Include a gist of the game or animation in the topic description3. Include a thorough summary of the game or animation in your thread. This is very important because your post will be more search engine friendly, and it will prevent others from wasting their time if they don't like the flash, or they have seen/played the flash before.4. Post a link to the game. The link MUST take the user to the game immediately. If not, we will be forced to delete/edit your topic to make it more user-friendly.Moderators and admins, feel free to edit this if you feel I left something out. :) Enjoy, and remember not to spam!

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