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  1. [help]making Decision please come in

    i wish i knew what u was on aout as it is all jargon to me but joomla sounds a good name so go for that
  2. Hello Everyone Im new on post for host

    welcome to trap 17 all is good here so look around and enjoy
  3. anything that says it is 4 nothing then it is generaly rubbish and should be ignored
  4. 101 Ways To Say I Love You Just that

    Enough about me your making me blush lol. If i was to talk to my wife like that she would think i was a hairy back mary. so heres a few of me own that is ok for me old gal (only a bit of humor)come here you wheres me dinnerscrath me back will yastop nicking the bedgive me back me pillowdo ya want a pintyour a diamond!! i wonder where they dug you up from
  5. Hello Everyone Im new on post for host

    Im from england and you english seems better than mine. Welcome here there is a good bunch of helpful people here have fun and post away.
  6. How Do I Convert A Non Christian?

    "He hasn't had the greatest past. His father left him and his mother when he was a little boy. His mother then for some reason became a lesbian. She doesn't really ever have anything to do with him, except for when she says horrible things to him. As a matter of fact, my mom has really had to be his mom for the past year or two. He's been pretty screwed over in life. I can't really explain everything"you should stop trying to show him a path to follow and help him deal with the anger and hurt he has in side of him get him to confront all of this he will come around. forget the church path he will find it if that is what he finds comfort in. this is just my opinion
  7. G,h,w,dont Work On My Laptop HELP

    i have tried all things you have sujested i think it may be a virus or my keyboard is fecked and this is on screen keyboard and what a pain in the *bottom* it is but thanks anyway for your help. looks like i will have to buy a new one
  8. 1TB thumb drive??? thats a good thing it will have great benefit for us all no ram no hard drives it will save alot of space in the future but these things are not still reliable in keeping in a good state and if you have such huge memory on them then you stand the chance of looseing more of you saved data if its dropped or lost or so on i would be to nervouse to take my thumb drive anywhere with that amount of my data on
  9. Hello New to trap17 :)

    welcome bloodtake it is a very good site and the people help you alot so welcome and hope to see you around the forums
  10. g,h,w and back space dont work its a dell inspironsix400
  11. I have windows xp home edition version 2002 service pack 3 with 2GB of ram with a 2.8 cpu. I have W.M.P 11 and when i put in a CD-R 52x TRAXDATA into my TSST corp CDDVDW SH-S223F SCSI CdRom Device i get this message "There is no disc in the drive Please insert a writable CD into drive D:\" after i have tried to write some music that i played on my keyboard that is in MP3 in my folders please please help and no the CD have not been used
  12. A Joke To Make You Smile

    I got kicked out of the K.F.C the other night and got banned from ever going there again. All i said was "Can i have a leg an a wing"
  13. Trapiz.com new name

    if you look above at the name like i did when i first came here it looks like TRAPIZ.COM
  14. What do you feel about the name TRAP17?

    Well i dont know about you lot when i first saw the site Xisto i actualy thought it said TRAPIZ.COM so yes i think you should change it too TRAPIZ.COM
  15. Reputation System what is it

    I see and understand now thank you