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  1. Hello Dear,

    i am Sylvia,single never married, tall slim,and fair,that loves sightseeing and reading,i viewed your profile and got interested in knowing you more for important discussion,could you please reply to me via my mail address (sylvia_609@yahoo.co.uk) so that we will know each other very well.i will send my pics later.




  2. Which Browser Is Better To Use On Ubuntu Linux?

    Surely firefox is the only web-browser i would recommand you.
  3. Chrome 3 Now Available

    Really google chrome is one of the leading web-browsers so far.In such a small time it almost captured the attention of more then 50% users.
  4. that could have been the worst site I have ever seen if I could have accessed it.It shows page not found error.Hope thats just a short downtime and I would be able to see the worst site ever.
  5. Where To Create Php Forms

    The best forms you can build is by using a plugin known as cForms.This is only for Wordpress, but it can make premium quality forms for you.If you want to use these forms for your personal use on site other then wordpress, then follow the following steps.1.) Install wordpress2.) Install cForms plugin3.) Make a form inside cForms according to your need4.) Now put this form on any page5.) Install firebugs for mozilla firefox6.) Open the wordpress page where you installed the cForm7.) Now open firebug and select "click the element in page to inspect" option8.) Now select the form you built9.) Now you'll have the code selected in the firebug window, now copy the code and use it anywhere10.) Enjoy !!Hope this will help you.Thank you
  6. Wix The Improved Free Flash Design Program

    But still its a way of earning money by the company.Although they provide a lot of features for free, but there paid plan has things essential to run a professional website.SO for sure again nothing in this world is free of cost.
  7. Yes correctly said for sure.This software and many other out there like this are used to rip off others work in just one minute.A normal person can not just make his work so as it can not be stealed. These software are trying to increase the web piracy level.Some of the things for which this software is used is as follows-You can rip off the games from sites like zapak.comYou can rip off the animation from any websiteThis is not at all acceptable as there is nothing such as copyright thing remains. A person can download and easily modify according to his need. After that it can publish for his own personal use.I hope something comes out as a solution to this problem soon.
  8. Currently is the era of open source and I recommand you going with the best open source software available for animation named as blender.it is one of the softwares which is compact in size and high on features.You will really not regret using it.The only extra thing you need is the latest version of python installed on your PC.And you are good to go.
  9. The darker the color is harder to read.I have been in web development since last 3 years and have found that the darker the color is it is harder to read.So I prefer keeping the it light in color.Also I would recommend that proper color combination makes a website much better.By color combination I mean that the background color and text color should remain in proper combination
  10. The logo seems to be nice....A bit more practice can really transform you into a great designer. I would say you should start reading PS tutorials and try practicing as much as you can.These are not only helpful in increasing your skills but will give you help in increasing your imagination power.....Hope you'll find my opinion helpful.Thank you
  11. Look, I suppose I didn't say to any1 to follow this.It is somthing which I followed. Obviously you need to devote a lot of time for setting up a good hosting company.If you can do it you should do it or else you should not.Every1 knows there capabilities, and thus you judge yourself and move ahead.
  12. Hello Trapians,I have been in the field of webhosting, domains, web-development etc since last 3 years.Today I am raising a very debatable topic, I have also started this topic at some other forums but there we were not able to reach to a final solution or answer to this question.So In a hope that people might be interested in this topic here at Xisto as well, I am starting this topic.My Question:-Who are best, established webhosting companies like hostgator or the companies which are new and starting there business?In favor of:-I am in favor of new webhosting companies which are on the way of getting established.Points to justify my favor:-I have several points on which I can justify that new companies have a brighter future then these established companies. They are as follows-> Big established companies do not treat there customers with importance(this is my personal experience), While small companies always try not to loose there customers and thus it serves its customer in a better way.-> Big companies don't provide you a better support, whereas new companies provide faster support.-> Big companies do not provide you a friendly staff, whereas new companies does provide you with a friendlier support.-> Big companies always provide costly hosting for no extra features, whereas new companies emphasis on new features and ease for there users. They also provide comparatively cheaper hosting.-> You won't find much of the monthly or quarterly offers or promos comming from big companies, where as to increase the sales new companies give out much better offers.-> Overall performance of a new company is much better then big companies.I can say these points on my 3 years of experience and analysis. I have invested quite a number of $s to test the legitimacy of my points.... So these points are almost proven on my behalf, still I would be happy to hear from all of you your reviews.Please play a fair debate and do not try to criticize or hurt some 1....Thank you!!
  13. Vbulletin Or Ipb

    Ok, this is my favorite topic to discuss on...I personally think that both the packages have there pros n cons. And both the packages are really really superb and have no match.Lets discuss them in details, so that you can better know with which one you hsould go:-Pros of IPB:-Very pleasant lookNice AJAX effectsVery powerful in terms of featuresEase of UseVery user-friendly admin panelNice themes availableCons of IPB:-Very heavy on serverVery slow mail deliveryLess widely usedMods require too much file edittingPros of vBulletin:-Most Widely UsedLow server loadFaster mail deliveryMods are easy to installOver make over is easyCons of vBulletin:-Variety of themes available are limitedNot so user-friendly admin panelAJAX isn't implemented properlyI hope now you can easily identify which package you must use.Hope I helped you.
  14. Hello friends, Today I am going to teach you all how to open a hosting company and run it successfully. This is not a short cut neither a trick. Its a way which I followed and got rich . So lets start our step by step procedure.... 1.) What you need to start? A reseller account that offers nice features. You can go for the following websites to purchase your own reseller account:- https://xisto.com/ http://www.hostgator.com/ http://www.magmahost.com/ etc. These are some of the best websites offering feature full reseller account. 2.) How will billing and all will be managed? Billing and automation is most important part of running a hosting company. There are some free billing software as well as you can find some paid billing software. Thehostingtool(free billing software) WHMCS(paid) ClientExec(paid) etc.. I prefer WHMCS for long run, as it is basically for the hosting companies and has a lot of features. If you purchase hosting pack from hostgator or magmahost you can get a paid billing software for free. 3.) Now when you have your reseller account and your billing software with you, what else you want? Now you are all ready to go. just remember never to sell hosting for a small price like $0.5 or $1. Always stress on quality not quantity. Start your package from $2 per month and give out small space and bandwidth instead of unlimited. For example:- $2 per month for 2 gb space and 20 gb bandwidth By doing so, you'll get into some positive look:- -> People will understand that you are not overselling and overloading your servers, thus giving a good repo. -> You'll get decent amount of money and will be able to pay your bills properly -> You will be able to last long in this industry. 4.) Now when all the products to be sold are ready, what to do next? The best thing to be done next is to start gaining visibility and trust of people. To do this you need to advertise your service and provide 100% customer satisfaction. Not only you need to work hard on this part, but you need to give you 200% on this. There are various ways to advertise your services:- a) Google Adwords Forum Post c) Blog d) Backlinks The best way is using forums, as they are free of cost unlike Google Adwords which are very very costly. Here are some free forums which you can join and start advertising:- Here are some of the larger web hosting forums to get started on: Some other very popular forums great for getting leads: 5.) Started advertising, now what? Now you need to continue advertising. And wait for the result to start showing off. If you really keep on advertising without loosing your faith you'll be able to cross a line after which you'll get regular sign ups even without advertising. 6.) How can I expand my services? Once you are established with offering shared hosting accounts you can purchase a VPS or a master reseller package which will allow you to sell shared hosting as well as reseller hosting. After sometime when you start making good profit, enough to purchase your own dedicated server you can purchase it and go on with a dedicated server, which will allow you to sell shared, reseller, vps hosting types. 7.) At the end of 1 year how much can I really earn? If you follow everything and do work with dedication you can easily go up for a monthly profit of $200 to $1000. Disclaimer:- I do not guarantee the success of this method. Its only what I have used and thought of sharing with you people. If you fail in your business using this method, I can not be held responsible for this. This is just a layout or a starting note you can use to start your own business.... At the end I would wish you a good luck for your business. Earn well!!
  15. Hey Krishnanz...which site are you talking about?