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  1. Local (metropolitan) results: I'm paying for a 3Mbps connection so, by these results, I'm getting my money's worth. I had no idea that my upload speed is twice as big as my download speed. That doesn't even make sense. Wouldn't it be better if it were the other way around? Test results for the other side of the globe: It seems I should be able to download faster from the US than from Bucharest. Confusing, no? Just for laughs I'll post (tomorrow, I guess) the speed test results for my workplace.
  2. What Is Your Favorite Software?

    Not in a particular order because they belong to different categories and I can't compare them:1) Nod32 - the anti-virus that kept my PC clean for a long time.2) Mozilla Firefox - the only browser I use.3) Macromedia Studio (Flash, Fireworks, etc.) - no comments required.
  3. where did you learn html from?

    I've learnt the basics of html from a w3schools tutorial ( http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp ), but I don't use html that much; I prefer Macromedia Flash anytime.
  4. I have used BS Player for a long, long time; not the newer versions because they have adware, but that old version that came with ACE Mega Codec Pack.It's sad that creators stop developing this product; I've considered it to be the best codec pack on the webz.Anyway ACE Codec Pack doesn't run, for some reason, on Vista (maybe Microsoft has something to do with this ... those bastards) so I don't use my old-school BS Player anymore, but I use VLC instead for all the media files I need.JetAudio is a another great player, but I haven't used it so much lately.
  5. Microsoft Sues! (be carefull)

    They did say that someone filed a complaint, but they couldn't say who it was (of course...).Last month all pharmaceuticals distribuitors went on strike because they were importing medicine products which they paid for in euros (1 euro ~= 3,8 ron; ron = our currency), but they were forced by the government to sell the products at the exchange rate of 1 euro = 3,3 ron. This caused imense losses overall. They Health Minister threatened to sue the pharmaceuticals distribuitors if they don't stop the strike so I imagine he or someone related to him had something to do with our surprise visit. I work for one of the top 3 pharmaceuticals distribuitors in the country so perhaps they wanted to set an example. Microsoft didn't ask for 1M$ only because of those 5 Office products they found in my subsidiary. I'm sure that they found more illegal products at the headquarters. I've heard recently that one of the employes lost his PC (the policemen confiscated it because there found too many illegal products installed). I think the firm is trying to reach a settlement deal with Microsoft. I don't have anymore details for now.
  6. Remove Traces Of Login From A Computer ?

    You could use a regedit tweak to remove the username of the person who loged in last: This will cause Windows XP to display a blank username field on login instead of the last loged username.See more details on that here: http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/1/ As for the files that appear in Documents and Settings when you login I guess you could just delete those, but I don\'t know of any way to auto-delete them each time you logout.
  7. Change 'open With' In Regedit for Windows XP

    Well first you need to know which files Adobe InDesign should open (file-extensions.org says it's .ind : https://www.file-extensions.org/search/?searchstring=ind-file-ex-document-file&searchtype=2). Next you go to Start -> Run and type regedit and click Ok. If you're not familiar with regedit perhaps you should not attempt this or, if you do, it's your responsability. In regedit look for the path that xpress wrote above. When you find the file type you are looking for select the OpenWithList folder and on the right side there should be a REG_SZ entry called MRUList. Make sure that the letter pointing to the Adobe InDesign executable is the first letter in the MRUList.
  8. I had Norton Internet Security for a trial period of 3 months and it worked great. Then again I had Nod32 for alomost 2 years and it worked great.If I were to go to a more experienced opinion (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/) I would say that Norton is the better antivirus, but I prefer the lighter Nod32 simply because it asks so little of my PC in terms of required resources.
  9. Microsoft Sues! (be carefull)

    This is what I've learned from this situation (may not apply in your country): - they (I mean the policemen) are not allowed to check a PC that is not fully functional; for example if you unplug the monitor and claim that the PC doesn't work they can not argue with you.- they are not allowed to touch any PC (I made all the print screens they requested and they simply observed); if they touch a PC you can claim they've installed all the illegal software found on it; this is silly, but I didn't make the rules - they are not allowed to check any PC that does not belong to the firm.On the downside:- you are not allowed to have a PC that does not belong to the firm inside the firm; when they came I had my laptop on my desk and I was really worried that they will check it because I had lot of illegal software in there. However this wasn't the case.- if you have a PC that does not belong to your firm's (logical) domain (or you just had enough time to remove it from your firm's domain) you can claim it doesn't belong to the firm; they will tell you it shouldn't be inside the firm, but won't do anything about it.I hope this may help people who might themselves in similar situations.I'll let you know how the lawsuit turns out. As I said ... we can prove that the software they found is not illegal, but we can not prove we bought those exact product keys.
  10. Wrestling

    Some news about the Suicide story in TNA: It has been reported that Senshi (Brandon Silverstry) received a try-out "dark match" against Primo Colon on Tuesday at the WWE taping in Orlando. I am also hearing that there are folk at TNA pushing to have Senshi rehired there. Senshi asked for his release from TNA a while back when he was unhappy with his use as Senshi and wanted to spend more time in Japan with New Japan. After leaving TNA he went on a New Japan tour where he ended up injuring his knee on the 1st tour requiring surgery. He returned to the ring and New Japan after several months of rehab and became the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion on September 21, 2008 in Kobe, Japan defeating Tiger Mask. Several at TNA are suggesting Senshi be brought back to the company either as part of the TNA side of the Main Event Mafia feud or as the Suicide character. Senshi provided the voice for the character in the TNA Game. The Suicide's character's debut in TNA was delayed by surgery Kaz had. At this time, Kaz is still expected to return as Suicide, but if Senshi were to be used instead, the character could start on TV much sooner. If you don't anything about this Suicide character this will give you some idea: http://whoissuicide.com/
  11. Microsoft Sues! (be carefull)

    Hi everyone!I'm sure most of you have heard that there's a world crises going on because of some stock market (or something) that collapsed in USA.Well anyway, because of this Microsoft lost a LOT of money and they're trying to make it up by suing everything in sight.This week I was at work when 2 policemen and some guy from an organization of authors' rights came and told me to check every PC in the firm for illegal software. They made print screens for 30 PCs, but they were only interested in Windows and Office licenses.The only thing they found wrong was 5 Office versions and I don't mean that there were illegal copies, it's just that we've misplaced the licenses and couldn't find them.Now I work in a subsidiary and they visited, at the same time, both that address and the HQ. Because of those 5 versions of Office and what they probably found at the HQ, Microsoft has sued my firm for 1 million dollars. (and remember that I live in Romania so that ammount of money is worth more because everything is cheaper than in some other countries from western Europe).So if you have any illegal Microsoft products on your PC (especially Windows and/or Office) BE CAREFUL!! You could be next.
  12. So we all agree that Windows needs to be reinstalled at some point; some people do it when they catch a virus, others (like me) when there's too much stuff on the hard drive to even consider cleaning it up. But sometime Windows just acts up for no reason and a reinstall in mandatory. This is because Windows is an expensive flawed product.I find Vista to be more reliable than XP even if most users don't like it. I got used to Vista and I only reinstalled it once since I bought my laptop (last year). I did it because, as I said, I had to much stuff on my 200Gb hard drive (I know it may not seem a lot to some of you, but I'm really messy at times) so I put in my recovery disk (which I unfortunately lost since then) and deleted everything.XP is al little more needy when it comes to stability; it may require third party software like System Mechanic or TuneUp Utilities to keep it going, otherwise it may kindly ask for a reinstall crashing like test dummies in concrete walls. When I had XP I reinstalled it every 3 months or so. Now with Vista I reinstalled only once six months ago. None of this options is in the poll so I choose not to vote.
  13. How Can I Delete Entries From Add/remove

    All heil the mighty Revo Uninstaller! Not only did it remove those nasty entries, but it also found files related to them on the hard drive and registry keys in regedit. (I used the Moderate Uninstall Mode) This is how my Add/Remove used to look. Eset was the only software in this picture that I could uninstall; Revo got rid of all the other stuff. And now for the grand test: after almost an hour of wreckless uninstalling let's see if my system boots anymore.
  14. This is the problem: I wanted to uninstall some programs, but when I select them in the Add/Remove panel there is no Uninstall option available.So I've removed the programs with brute force (a.k.a. Shift + Del - yes, I know I shouldn't have), but now I can't get rid of the entries in Add/Remove.I've tried to use a software called Add Remove Pro, but it doesn't see the entries. Is there any way to remove them manually, perhaps using regedit? Edit: I should add that the entries are not displayed in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  15. Using Utp Cable To Connect A Telephone

    Well ... I have a wall socket with 2 slots, one is for a network cable and the other is for a telephone. It looks something like this: http://itsc.ust.hk/services/academic-teaching-support/teaching-venues-support/ (except that the right slot is used to connect a phone). They are both connected to a rack (near the server) via UTP Cable. The only difference is that inside the rack the cable for the LAN goes into a switch and the cable for the phone goes into ... I would call that a phone switch (I'm quite fluent in English but I don't know all the technological terms); anyway ... it looks like a switch, but it's for phone lines. The thing is that someone wants to move their PC further away from the wall socket, but the phone cable doesn't reach. Because I don't have a longer phone cable (that thin one with only 6 wires) I'm trying to use UTP cable instead. Is that possible? And if it is ... in which order do I need to insert the wires in the connectors?