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  1. I heard from a fellow, a friend of mine, that they had to make the phone wider that most phones in order to compensate for it's thin-ness. Can anyone give their personal statement on it? 'Cos I'm curious as to just how tiny this phone really is, with marketing aside.
  2. I have to agree with burgen. Though GMail has a few issues, such as claiming incompatibility with Opera 7.6, it unquestionably beats any other web mail service out there, free or pay-for. They even offer free POP access! How can one beat this when they offer so much right off the bat, really?
  3. I was reading a personal web site a couple of months ago that was discussing the owner's experimentation with a 3.7 Ghz processor and liquid nitrogen cooling. If I recall correctly a speed in the area of 5 Ghz was reached, but I don't recall exactly. Have any of you seen this site and/or do you know where it is?
  4. New Stuff

    Innovation is good, but then it starts to get ridiculous. Really, who needs a 512 MB mp3/wma player in their shoe?But it's a hit and miss procedure I suppose. You'll get 50 ridiculous inventions for every good one. And I'm sure that's how it's always been.
  5. If you need a C compiler to compile a program in C for example, who made the C compiling program, and how? Does it work from an older programming language, or is there some neat programming trick that I'm missing here? It's a bit puzzling to me.
  6. Avg Anti-virus Question Users please read

    If the files are important I recommend renaming the files so you can't accidentally execute them, and open them with a good hex editor to retrieve any important data that might be contained within the file. But if it's not important, there is absolutely no reason to keep the files on your hard drive.
  7. Rendering In Linux Rendering in Linux

    On that note, I've been trying to install Photoshop CS with the latest release of WINE. I set the /.wine/config file to emulate WinXP, but I haven't been able to get past the installation process. Has anyone here had any degree of sucess in running Photoshop CS with WINE or any other emulator, and if so which?
  8. What Is Your Take On Linux?

    I will admit first that I am a big Linux fan. In general, I find Linux platforms to be much more stable than even the most patched of Windows machines. And in addition, it makes for a very useable and productive workstation and/or home PC. These days I'm quite fond of the Slackware distribution, as it's well known for only going with the most stable of apps in it's packages. Do you like Linux, and if so what distribution do you prefer?Also, I meant to ask. Could any Linux users recommend me some first-person shooters built for Linux? I only had partial sucess running Half-Life under WINE.