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  1. I dont have a cooking lesson but i like to eat a lot. I like to eat out in the restaurant to try new food and to get new idea. If i like the food, i would try to duplicate the dishes the best I could. So far so good, my boyfriend likes them very much... I guess I am doing all right.
  2. Hello,Sorry for being doh, i really dont know what to so with Cpanel? As i said i really dont know much about PC or IT.there are so many function inside the cpanel, it frighten me, hhmmm how should i start.hmmm.... these are what i had done so far, i have bought a book on php and mysql, followed the book and installed the apache, php and mysql in my laptop, write a few html page with php and mysql code for testing and it work on my lap top so fare.g. i had a sport databse - member table - upcoming race table etci had a few test page such as - home - upcoming race - race result - news etc etchmm.. ... how to i upload all these info from above to my cpanel and use Xisto.com as a server?? any tutorial please..?? hi..hi.. we all have to start some where..!!Thank you very much
  3. How To Forward Email In Outlook 2003?

    Done, I set new rules, click click here , and click click there. ... many click later..some how it work.. thank you
  4. Can't Access To Cpanel

    Thank you i am inside cpanel now. I believe the problem was cause by server maint. I was using IE7 and firefox at that time.
  5. Sorry for the late reply.. i have forgotten about this postNoop, I have been to queensland and Brisbane but i ate the big chunky emu and crocodile meat pizza in Sydney on 1/1/2006. I can remember what was the pub name, believe it or not it is in the tour guild book that I had borrowed from the library at that time.I think that pub is call international hotel, it is situated right at the bottom of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (left hand side), is a very small pub, we were sitting outside the pub looking at the sydney harbour bridge.I think is only about 5 minutes walk from the reception area for climbing up the Sydney Harbour Bridge. So something for you to check out if u travel to Sydney... hmm.. to be honest... i dont think you will miss a thing though, I like to eat and try new thing but that emu and crocodile meat pizza ... sorry mate.. not again...!!
  6. My New Job

    HelloGet myself a new job, is very different then my last job. This is my second week here but i really enjoying my job so far. Lynda the receptionist, she is walsh, she is really helpful, show me a lot of stuffs and we get on really well. hmm.. the only down side is that the accountant is "mental"... last week, 4 days into my job, I was staying behind late, trying to catch up thing, when every one left the office, she suddenly screming at me "abusively" as if i am her "neighbour from hell for the last 30 years"..I was so scared, dont know what to do, called my team leader's mobile, nobody answered, called my manager's mobile nobody answered, eventually i get through my big boss.Is so weird, one moment she is sweet sweet the next moment she looks like she wanted to kill me.I later being informed that she did that before.My boss said he will have a word with her. mm.. I think she needs to visit the doctor.
  7. Hello, Can anyone give me advice on this please..!! I am trying to forward all the emails from my other email accout to my current outlook inboxTool - Rules and Alerts - New Rules - Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder - Apply this rule after the message arrives with info@brabra.com in the subject move it to the sport folderinbox - sport (sub folder) - news_letter (sub folder) - friends (sub folder)great news is that it work-it now forwarding all the emails from feipoh@brabra.co.uk to my outlook inbox - sport folderBad news is that i received every email twice, one in my inbox itself (once) the other one in my sport folder (twice)e.g. Outlook inbox - Gina Robert Hello inbox - sport (folder) - Gina Robert Hello Question: Can any one tell me how to i could stop the email show up in my inbox and go straight to the sport folder??Thank you very much
  8. Hello,Can anyone tell me, did i do anything wrong? I can't access to my Cpanel1. mysite.comWelcome to your Hosting Account!2. from Xisto Hosting->Access your CPanel The page cannot be displayed3. mysite.com/cpanelThe page cannot be displayed5.http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ page cannot be displayed4.http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ Unable to set up secure anonymous FTPThank you Notice from BuffaloHELP: MySite is an actual site. Please refrain from using it again.
  9. well, ....the end..??I never had the chance to tell her anything, i gave up because i realised that she is a very narrow minded person, not worth my efforts, just lets her be.Why? One day after lesson, I needed to go some where, so i happened to take the same bus as she and her matey. There were only 3 of us in the bus stop and we waited 15 minutes for the bus. I tried to talk to them a few time, smilling smilling and said hello and stuffs like that, guess what? They used their back to face me as if i'm not there at all..! ... i could not believed it.That's the moment i realised, if i decided to stay in Uk permenantly, racism will be part of my life.I decided to be better then average....
  10. thank you for reply..I have two laptops,but there is no network in my home, so they are not connected in anyway. The only thing they have in common is they are using the same wireless router fot access to the internet..Is that hard to set up my own network at home?is anyone know any network tutorial for setting up networking in my home? I would like to try to set up networking for both my laptops..Thank you!
  11. Hello, I have installed Apache2 and php5 and mysql in my laptop1.. i have a wireless router.. If i wanted to sent "stuffs" from my laptop2 to my laptop1, what wuould be the best way? Hmm..let said the laptop1 folder below is the one that i wanted to ftp into.. from laptop2 http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ I dont know much about computing but i am very keen to learn... i would be very appreciate if anyone can gives me tips.. thank you!
  12. Hello ,On most tutorial website for mysql all the date format is in this form 2006-10-17..User table-----------User_name VARCHAR(20),Join_date DATE,Alive VARCHAR(1),..etc etc I was wondering , 1) is it possible that i can put the date in this format 17/10/2006.. rather the usual 2006-10-17??Also.... how can i initial a default value to a column..e.g...Alive VARCHAR(1) NOT NULL,When i create a table User2) How can i initial 'Y' Or 'True/false' as the initial value in column Alive, e.g... if i type DESCRIBE USER Field Type NULL Defaultit will show-> user_name varchar(20) No Join_date date No No 00/00/0000 Alive varchar(1) No YOR DESCRIBE USER Field Type NULL Defaultit will show-> user_name varchar(20) No Join_date date No 00/00/0000 Alive boolean No TrueThank you!
  13. I scan my laptop and found these.. Can anyone tell me how to remove them manually, please? Thank you. Notice from BuffaloHELP: Use QUOTE bbcode for all copied material
  14. Thanks for your reply, but the fix was much easier...... I went to the Mouse Properties from the control panel... and for some unknown reason the Touchpad On/Off was set to "disable". Change to "Enable", and Hey Presto, back in business. God knows why it disabled itself, but I'm glad its all fixed now.Cheers.
  15. My laptop's mousepad won't work what ever i do on the mousepad the arrow just stay still...however if i connect a USB external mouse the arrow will move as usual.So is this easy to fix? can i fixed it by myself? how can i check what is its problems? any one have any idea please. Thank you!